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The YOU beyond you - The knowledge of the Willing by Ramzi Najjar - Reader's Favorite

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / --
The You Beyond You: The Knowledge Of The Willing by Ramzi Najjar is a profound and thought-provoking book that helps readers look at unfolding the secrets of living life to its utmost potential. The author also discusses the dynamics of life, their nature, and how they operate. He also makes readers realize the importance of having a good approach towards life and how that plays an important role in determining the quality of living. The reality is that everything exists inside, prosperity, abundance, success, and happiness, but it is human nature to lead a life of limitation, expecting validation from outside. The book is a good tool for readers to encourage them to break away from this conditioning and negative traits so that learning and curiosity can be nurtured.

Ramzi Najjar also shares his personal experiences and that makes his words palpable. Life has become increasingly fast and the author speaks about how our thinking also can get polluted by watching negative content. He highlights the importance of creating a good and constructive environment for happiness and why it is important to run the human body on a good diet. I like the way the author has approached the topic; it is different and will make readers reflect on themselves and see where they need to make transformations by working on themselves patiently. His style is simple and to-the-point, which makes it easy for readers to comprehend and use the tips and apply them. Reading The You Beyond You will help readers self-evaluate, and work towards thinking positively, and experience the secrets of life, self-improvement, and how to reach spiritual awakening.

Mamta Madhavan
Reader's Favorite
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