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New Feature Article by Michael Bilokonsky Looks at Emerging & Exciting Trends in Trucking

Michael Bilokonsky highlights: dynamic routing, collision mitigation systems, trailer tracking, automated fright matching, and driver scorecards.

BELLEVUE, KENTUCKY , UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / -- In a new feature article for, Michael Bilokonsky, the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight, has highlighted five emerging and exciting trends in trucking that will shape the industry in 2021 and beyond. is a leading platform that provides thought leadership content on a variety of topics, including business and tech.

According to Michael Bilokonsky, whose company is headquartered in Bellevue, KY, and provides clients with a full range of logistics solutions from small LTL shipments to over dimensional loads with escort, the most influential and game-changing developments in trucking include: dynamic routing, collision mitigation systems, trailer tracking, automated fright matching, and driver scorecards.

Dynamic routing takes into consideration real-time factors such as weather, construction, traffic and road conditions, and automatically adjusts routes to minimize travel time and/or maximize fuel efficiency. Dispatchers also have the ability to add stops to a route, in order to decrease the distance between pick-up points, as well as increase route density. Commented Michael Bilokonsky, whose company supports an expanding network of local, regional and national carriers: “Dynamic routing can also be used to monitor seasonal demand surges, and optimize sales force deployment accordingly. For example, if a company analyzes that it is making a significant amount of trips in the fourth quarter of the year, it can start launching sales campaigns in the third quarter in order to capitalize on this.”

Collision mitigation systems play a pivotal role in reducing the risk and severity of collisions. They use radar and video to scan blind spots and the road ahead, and alert truckers if there are any obstacles in those zones that could lead to a collision. According to Michael Bilokonsky, “Early versions of collision mitigation systems were plagued by excessive false positives, which meant that truckers were being warned about obstacles that didn’t exist. However, modern versions are much more accurate, and the frequency of false positives has fallen considerably.”

Trailer tracking generates visibility of all truck positions fleet-wide, so that dispatchers can enhance allocation, while at the same time reduce theft and unauthorized use — both of which can are significant and costly risks. Commented Michael Bilokonsky: “Trailer tracking also enables companies to provide customers with up-to-the-second metrics such as truck utilization, productivity, terminal dwell time, and more.”

Automated freight matching allows dispatchers to quickly identify truckers who have the availability and capacity to transport, less-than-truckload, partial truckload, and full truckload freight on certain routes.
Commented Michael Bilokonsky: “Research has found that automated freight matching could potentially reduce weight times within a decade by up to 40 percent.”

Driver scorecards identify truckers who are driving safely and efficiently — and just as importantly, identify trucker who are falling short in this area.“One innovative development with driver scorecards is the integration of AI to leverage camera recognition technology to, for example, determine whether a trucker came to a complete stop at a stop sign, or travelled significantly faster than the flow of traffic. Ultimately, the goal is to enforce standards and best practices, reward and recognize good drivers, and coach, re-train, or discipline drivers who are chronically under-performing.”

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