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Therapy Techniques for Golf Swing Mechanics from Dr. Mike Rantissi PT, DPT, MOT, MTC

Dr. Mike Rantissi on Therapy Techniques for Golf Swing Mechanics

HENDERSON, NV, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 / -- Dr. Mike Rantissi provides Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services for all athletes at the Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas, NV. Whether it is from the recovery of an injury, prevention of injury, or to just strengthen your game. One of the biggest athletes that have repetitive injuries are golfers.

When you're perfecting your golf swing, you work hard to produce a smooth, continuous arc that sends the ball sailing through the air. According to Dr. Mike Rantissi, many golfers strive for perfection by practicing their shot again and again. Unfortunately, this can injure your hand, wrist, or shoulder.

If you feel a twinge the next time you practice your backswing or follow-through, don't dismiss it as ordinary pain. At the Advance Manual Therapy Institute, avid golfers come to Dr. Mike Rantissi for answers when injuries separate them from time on the green. The perfect golf swing is a thing of beauty and takes many years to perfect. Partner with the right therapist to correct your movement and prevent further damage. At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, you will work with Dr. Mike Rantissi, and his team of professionals, to come up with a treatment plan that is specific to you. Dr. Mike Rantissi and his team consist of over 50 years of combined service and knowledge to help you get back into the game full swing.

Discuss Your Golf Swing Mechanics with Dr. Mike Rantissi

Work with a professional physical and occupational therapist who understands the mechanics of a golf swing. From the downswing to the transition shot, golf swing mechanics can be broken down into five general sections. Dr. Mike Rantissi has an insider's view of the game that can help you recover faster and prevent future injuries.

Dr. Mike Rantissi Pinpoints Common Golf Injuries

Here are some of the injuries treated by the experts at AMT Institute:

Strains and Sprains: Hand and wrist sprains and strains can result in pain and make it difficult to keep your Sunday tee-off.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): Rely on a team of professional occupational and physical therapists to help you understand the mechanics of your swing and how it impacts carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel protects the median nerve that runs through your rest. Tendons use for finger movements also pass through this pathway. When the carpal tunnel becomes constricted, it places pressure on the nerve that can shoot up the entire arm or limit the functionality of your hand. Repetitive overuse typically causes this condition. Therefore, it’s important to take breaks from practice to prevent permanent injury.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome affects the elbow, hand, and wrist. Also caused by repetitive motion, it originates at the ulnar nerve located within the elbow.

Shoulder impingement or Rotator Cuff injury: Pain caused by muscles or tendons rubbing on a shoulder blade.
Medial or Lateral Epicondylitis: An irritation of the tissue connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow. That can be caused by the repetitive wrist and arm motions.

Seek Physical or Occupational Therapy from Dr. Mike Rantissi’s Team
Dr. Mike Rantissi and his team at the Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas, NV, specializing in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, for all sports training and injuries.

If you are an avid golfer seeking advice on how to avoid injury, rehabilitate a long chronic problem, or improve your game by learning sport-specific training exercises, then make an appointment with Dr. Mike Rantissi today.

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