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Texans Weren’t Prepared for Heavy Snowstorms + 3 Lessons Learned

Satellite Phone Saved Me From Freezing to Death

Satellite Phone Store

Satellite Phone Store

Texans were hit with a snowstorm & they weren't prepared!

PROSPER , TEXAS, USA, February 19, 2021 / -- A devastating winter storm with record-breaking temperatures throughout Texas left millions without power and safe drinking water. Freezing temperatures not seen in parts of Texas for over 100 years caught communities and residents unprepared.

As many Texans scrambled around in preparation for ‘snowmageddon’ most residents just reacted too late. Generators, water, eggs, heaters, and other common household needs were flying off the shelves. Due to dangerous road conditions and frozen gas pumps, the majority of deliveries came to a halt leaving stores unable to restock.

Inside homes families were dealing with 40-degree temperatures and trying to keep warm through the night. On top of that water pipes were freezing leaving people without running water and some ultimately bursting to cause huge leaks. Neighboring communities reached out to one another through social media asking for advice and offering shelter and supplies. Those with relatives nearby were fleeing to homes with power and running water. Warming centers in churches and local schools were announced throughout communities. Some residents infrequently lost cell communications throughout the past week.

What if you had to go 3 whole days without the ability to connect to the internet while the rest of the world kept spinning?

It’s one thing to lose cell service for hours at a time or to find out Amazon isn’t delivering to your area due to weather. But when you find out you can’t even get a satellite phone delivered, or when the internet drops and you realize you have no true backup to stay connected, you may really start questioning how prepared you really are for natural disasters. Afterall snow storms aren't even one of Texas’ biggest scares and record-breaking snowstorms can creep up on almost anyone in the US.

At one point, Satellite Phone Store (, the nation’s largest & quickest distributor of satellite communication devices, found themselves receiving so many requests, that even the Fed-Ex planes & their snow delays into Texas couldn’t keep up with the demand; according to the CEO Tina Blanco. This is why it’s best to already have an emergency satellite phone or internet connecting device.

On the good side, Texans were able to enjoy a winter wonderland and build snowmen, and even learn lessons in family preparedness, because this isn’t the last time something like this will happen (or even worse). The Satellite Phone Store is already housing distributors in more areas of the country to better supply those who waited until it was almost too late, as well.

Tips for both Texans and the rest of America incase something like this happens (again):
1 - Always have water and heat. (i.g. bottled water, unfreezing pipes, space heaters, etc)
2 - Always have a backout source of energy. (i.g.inverters, generators, gas, batteries)
3 - Always have some form of backup communication (i.g.satellite phone, walkie talkies, satellite internet)

Think of everything. Also keep in mind, businesses were closed and nothing was able to be delivered. So don’t wait until the last minute. Always be prepared. Get prepared now!

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- Saved from Freezing to Death

James Harrison
Satellite Phone Store