How to Recover Lost Bitcoin

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WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2021 / -- It is now possible to recover scammed or stolen bitcoin or cryptocurrency with CNC Intelligence Inc. or CNCIntel. Bitcoin is believed to a highly secure. However, sometimes fraud can lead to the loss of your bitcoin wallet. Even the most experienced traders sometimes lose their bitcoins.

Until recently, it was almost impossible to recover lost cryptocurrency. Thankfully, CNCIntel is now available to help you recover your lost bitcoin.

Here is everything you need to know about recovering lost crypto and how you can avoid finding yourself in this position in the future.

The best way to trace cryptocurrencies

If you recently lost your bitcoins or cryptocurrency investment, a cryptocurrency recovery expert can help with bitcoin tracing and recovery.

Once you discover you have lost your bitcoin, there are certain quick steps you can take to help in the bitcoin recovery process.

Take action

For you to be able to take legal action, you first need to know who stole your bitcoin. Even though you may be successful in freezing assets against an unknown scammer, you first need to know who the scammer is to be able to enforce an order that requires them to hand over the stolen crypto or pay for damages.

Once the funds leave a wallet or an exchange, you will need to trace the Bitcoin and see where it is cashed out. Fortunately, with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, cryptocurrency tracing is possible with help from CNCIntel bitcoin recovery experts.

If your funds go to a vendor or exchange, you can find out who controls the wallet with the help of a legal team and investigators.

How CNC Intelligence Inc. helps to recover lost cryptocurrency

Track and tracing is the first step to take in cryptocurrency recovery. Use specialist investigators and cryptocurrency tracking experts to start locating your funds.

Specialized cryptocurrency fraud investigators will trace and analyze crypto assets movement, giving you the best chance of recovering lost cryptocurrency.

CNC Intelligence Inc. uses specialized tracking tools that make it easy to identify how the assets are moving to determine when, where and how much of the stolen crypto is in use. The investigators gather evidence, including analytical reviews of blockchain transactions and open-source intelligence to create evidence that can be used to take action to recover your lost cryptocurrency.

How to avoid losing your bitcoin in the first place.

To ensure you do not need to go through the tedious process of tracing cryptocurrency or recovering lost bitcoins, you can protect your crypto against scammers.

Divide your assets into hot and cold wallets, where the cold wallet stores most of your funds and use the hot wallet for day-to-day transactions. Ensure your private key is kept secure using a multi-signature wallet.

The best way to recover lost bitcoin

When it comes to recovering cryptocurrency, scammed crypto, and stolen bitcoin, CNC Intelligence Inc. 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20006, is the best specialist for the job.

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