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Music Exec Survivor speaks out against child abuse in his NY State funded school, Upper Nyack, NY’s The Summit School

Music Exec Survivor speaks out against child abuse in his NY State funded school, Upper Nyack, NY’s The Summit School

NYACK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2021 / -- Renowned record and concert producer/promoter and Affordable Care Act expert a native of Smithtown, NY Jason Samel is speaking out against the abuse, neglect, and poor oversight of NY State funded school The Summit School in Upper Nyack, NY he experienced 30 years ago, and is still reported to have taken place there as recent as 2016 as per the case Blackstock Vs The Summit School currently in litigation (index No: 715043/2017 in The Supreme Court of The State of New York, County of Queens, see attached court document).

Samel attended The Summit School in the early 90’s after being placed there by his school district Smithtown Central Schools on Long Island, NY. While attending he witnessed and experienced neglect and abuse similar to that alleged in the Blackstock case. His last memory of attending the school was when a supervisor of the school hit him over the head with a telephone, leaving him with a large contusion bleeding from his head, sending him to the Nyack Hospital Emergency room (as per attached hospital reports). Child Protective Services was called, eventually leading to the supervisors actions considered child abuse and neglect by CPS. Soon thereafter his parents removed him from the school. While the wounds have healed they have left scars that now gives him the motivation to seek justice.

When Samel’s memory of his experiences at The Summit School came back to him over the summer he began to quickly do research into whether or not others had similar experiences to his. He came upon multiple reports of suicide, murder, and even a mass armed attack that was planned against the school by former students.

Samel found in an article from The NY Times discussing how in 2002 one student Ian Sinivoi pushed another student Jeremy Gaulin out of a window, leading to his death and incarceration of Mr Sinivoi at the school. The Summit School never took any responsibility for the death and no legal action against the school were ever pursued.

Samel continued to search and yet found another article in LoHud detailing a suicide of a 15 year old girl at the school in which she axfixiated herself. Clarkstown Police Detective Dietrich at the time blamed the incident on the type of students who attend the school stating “A lot of those students at The Summit School are kids with problems, psychological and with family issues.” He seemed to have ignored any liability the school may have had in this tragic event.

As Samel pressed further to find more information he came upon an article detailing how a Long Island man Robert Csak, an x-student of The Summit School collected a cash of weapons and ammunition, enough to take out the entire school. Mr Csak had been found out because he previously called the school threatening them, and his aims were specifically at a security guard at the school known as Sam. . Again, the man was arrested yet none of Csak’s gripes with the school or Sam that led him to take such extreme action against the school were ever investigated.

Samel couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew at that moment that the abuse at the school, the poor oversight, and neglect he himself experienced wasn’t just him and he pushed further into the depths of the internet to find more.

Eventually Samel uncovered a case currently in litigation Blackstock Vs The Summit School. In the case it is detailed that on or about July 21st, 2016 while the plaintiff, then 15 year old autistic girl, Bella Blackstock was in the care and custody of The Summit School, she was not properly supervised and she was sadly raped by another student in the bathroom. At all times The Summit School was to act in loco parentis, and to provide the plaintiff with appropriate supervision to protect her from harm, particularly given her disabilities.The suit alleges that Bayla suffered severe and permanent personal injuries including severe emotional trauma, PTSD, and an exacerbation of her pre existing emotional and psychological disabilities. Bayla suffered these injuries due to the recklessness, carelessness, and negligence of The Summit School.

After all of these reports and many more made to Clarkstown Police Department over the years the school has never been investigated by the Rockland County DA, Attorney General James office, nor the New York State Department of Education who year after year gives them their accreditation yet stay silent as so many horrific events are occurring.

Growing tired of keeping silent, Samel organized as he has done so many other times when he has seen abuses taking place in our society. Samel put on his activist and survivor hat and set out to #ShutSummitDown. Calling on the FBI, the Rockland County District Attorney, and even News 12 NY to investigate and he had hoped his efforts would be enough to shut the school down to ensure that no child ever experiences the neglect and abuse he did at the school again. While News 12 conducted an investigative report over a six month period of time in 2020, conducted by reporter Tara Rosenblum, and the Rockland County District Attorney was made aware of the issues, as well as the FBI still there has been no action, and no report aired.

Samel stated.

“I am tired of New York State, law enforcement, the press, and the public turning a blind eye to these survivors and thrivers. Every year I hear more horror stories from my school, and the many more that exist across our nation. I can sit silent no more. I pray for the day that we are heard, and justice is served.”

The Summit School is a school founded by Mayer Stiskin in 1974. The school is affiliated with 2 other day schools both in Queens NY.

VISIT THE WEBSITE NOW AT: (anonymous students of The Summit School created this comprehensive website to tell their story)

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