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First Ever Japanese Rapper in History Achieves Award

Japanese rapper, TOMORO, announces the release of his latest new song, ‘WORLD MONEY’, and making it to #1 on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart.

TOKYO , JAPAN , February 16, 2021 / -- Self-made millionaire and rapper, TOMORO, recently made #1 on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart. His latest catchy new song, titled ‘WORLD MONEY’, was released on 15 February 2021, and is available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Deezer, and Tidal.

TOMORO’s new single also features Hip Hop legends Nice and Smooth, who collaborated with TOMORO to produce this track. Together these Hip Hop artists plan to introduce a new era of international Hip Hop music geared towards the mainstream music scene. The track incorporates Old and New School Hip Hop sounds, as well as bringing together the more hard-hitting East Coast beats with Japanese rap.

‘WORLD MONEY’ is a catchy song about money, as the title suggests, and when listening to it, it almost becomes like one big celebration party that entices the listener, from start to finish. One would be as bold to say the song is a Hip Hop love song created as a tribute to money. Although it might pass for a pop song, the blends of Hip Hop elements give it an originality within the Hip Hop genre.

The love of music is evident when watching the ‘WORLD MONEY’ music video, and TOMORO’s style as a Japanese rap artist is welcomed as he brings a fresh take to the Hip Hop scene, especially as the first ever Japanese rapper in history to be #1 on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart.

Alongside the rap duo Nice and Smooth the music video has a playful and upbeat rhythm to it, bringing together American and Japanese culture, as evident by the two country flags as the video starts. With elaborate limousines, urban skyscrapers, flashy jewelry, and, undoubtedly, heaps of money being handled like it’s an everyday occurrence, ‘WORLD MONEY’ makes anyone feel a little bit better about money.

Hip Hop is one of the largest mainstream music genres in Japan and is often recognized as Pop music. Its roots go back to the 1980s, and it was primarily influenced by the American rap culture and Old School Hip Hop from New York. The blend of various elements makes Japanese Rap a creative musical genre, playful and upbeat in tone. These elements come through in TOMORO’s new single, ‘WORLD MONEY’.

TOMORO’s new album comes fresh off the rack, but the artist has been on the scene for many years now, producing his album Harubaru (2014) with 9 tracks, and various other singles like Corona Virus featuring AIKA and D-coy, Party Maker, Casino Lights, which has over 24, 000 streams thus far, and more - all available to download and stream.

Artists Nice and Smooth, who is an East Coast rap duo from the Bronx, New York, collaborated with TOMORO on the latest track. The duo is formed by Gregory O. ‘Greg Nice’ Mays and Darryl O. ‘Smooth B’ Barnes who both have an extensive repertoire in the Hip Hop genre, with several albums, including Nice and Smooth (released in 1989) and their single, Dope on a Rope/Skill Trade.

Also known as King TOMORO, the new single is set to become a mainstream Hip Hop music feature. With the lightheartedness evident in TOMORO’s new single, it’s clear the artist focuses on more positive aspects of life. In a recent interview, he stated why he makes rap music, saying that he wants to compose rap songs with the focus on chasing your dreams, wealth, and fortune.

As TOMORO takes on the Asian rap scene, one of his goals is to also take on the American rap scene, and slowly, but steadily he is making his mark in both worlds. Furthermore, he is a testament to any Asian rap artist with dreams of wealth and success, and that it can be possible to make it happen, regardless of what musical genre you come from.


TOMORO is the first ever Japanese rap artist to win the #1 spot on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart, also recently releasing his new single ‘WORLD MONEY’.

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