Elliot and the Whale Tale Now in Bookstores

It’s been such a joy collaborating on this book series with my young son and seeing things through his eyes and imagination. ”
— Ingrid Simunic
SAG HARBOR, NEW YORK, USA, February 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author Ingrid Simunic has launched the third children’s book in the Elliot’s Adventures series, titled “Elliot and the Whale Tale”. The book launched to audiences worldwide and is a big hit amongst families who want to encourage conservation and an interest in nature. The series is #1 on Amazon's Best Seller and New Releases lists in multiple children's book categories.

The Elliot’s Adventures series is intended to reinvigorate young minds to respect wildlife and nature. In recent years, children have increasingly become disconnected from nature. The average child spends 33 hours in front of a screen every week, and that number has increased even more during the global pandemic. As the mother of a young child herself, Simunic knows well the struggle to keep children engaged with the broader world.

“As an author, I love to talk to people and explore my community, using everyday life and relationships as the main source of inspiration,” Simunic said. “It’s been such a joy collaborating on this book series with my young son and seeing things through his eyes and imagination. What a silver lining in this crazy Covid-19 situation.”

“Elliot and the Whale Tale” follows the story of a little boy named Elliot whose mother buys him a betta fish. After bringing it home, Elliot thinks the little fish might actually be a baby whale! He dreams of setting his friend free but learns the oceans are polluted. Now, he must do what he can to make the ocean a clean home for his fishy friend…if the ocean really is home, that is.

This book sparks the imagination of young readers as they dream about playing with an animal in its natural habitat. It spreads a message about the importance of taking care of animals and nature, and how humans play an important role in the ecosystem.

Throughout the series, Elliot serves as a relatable figure for children and ends up being a role model who sets a positive example for young readers. With a captivating storyline and beautiful illustrations, this book is appealing for children of all ages.

“Elliot and the Whale Tale” is available on Amazon, Apple, and more than 39,000 bookstores that use IngramSpark. The first two books in the series, “Elliot and the Osprey Nest” and “Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party,” also are available at these outlets, and all three books include bonus coloring pages for readers.

Simunic is an award-winning communications strategist and a published Ph.D. with a passion for storytelling, ecological conservation, and inspiring children. Simunic gains many creative ideas from her son and incorporates his humor into her writing. As a triathlete and marathon runner, she enjoys nature and wants to encourage children to appreciate it through her books.

For more information, visit https://elliotsadventures.com/.

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