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Dr. Laura Mildner Wins TopDocs Award for best Orthopedics Doctor in NYC.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2021 / -- Dr. Laura Mildner is proud to announce that she has won the TopDocs award for best orthopedics doctor in New York City. The award recognizes and appreciates the best doctors in orthopedics among other fields. The recognition is a huge boost for Laura, who has been doing her best to serve people suffering from orthopedic issues all through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time when most health issues have been dwarfed by all the noise surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Her recognition is also a reflection of her strong customer service that has made her a darling for many in orthopedics.

Dr. Laura’s success as an orthopedic doctor is a result of passion and a strong foundation in medicine. Laura grew up in a low-income neighborhood in East Harlem and saw how people suffered from a lack of affordable medical care. Even in her family, many struggled with long-term orthopedic issues simply because they did not have insurance to cover their treatment. It is this suffering that motivated her to work hard in school and excel in her studies. She scored a high GPA in high school and earned admission to study medicine.

In medical school, her drive to excel grew even stronger. She studied hard and graduated among the top students in her class. After completing undergraduate studies at the New York University, she pursued a post-graduate degree at the Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and was equally successful. She then went on to work for top medical institutions before launching her practice. One of the institutions where she spent a huge chunk of her working life is the Presbyterian Pediatric Orthopedics Hospital. She worked there for eight years before deciding to go solo. In her work life, she was credited with changing many people’s lives through her in-depth understanding of complex orthopedic problems. She also perfected her communication skills, and this came in handy when she launched her practice.

Her expertise in orthopedics and general patient care has been most evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. In anticipation of a massive increase in the number of patients during the pandemic, Dr. Laura has put measures designed to protect patients from contracting the deadly virus. One of the steps that she has put in place is to mandate masks at her premises. She has also limited the number of people that can visit her premises at any given time. The goal is to ensure social distancing, which is key to protecting customers from contracting the virus. Laura has also put tents in place for patients to wait without crowding inside the facility’s waiting area. Most importantly, she has put plexiglass shields in the building to lower chances of the virus spreading. To cap it all up, she has ensured that systems are in place to make an online booking the default, thereby lowering the chances of contracting the virus.

Besides, putting in place measures that protect against the virus, Dr. Mildner has invested in the latest technologies, and competent staff to ensure that clients receive the best possible treatments available. Some of the orthopedic issues that she has helped many of her clients overcome are arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, tennis elbow, among many others. To serve her clients even better, she is currently in negotiations with one of the top financial institutions in New York to access the financing necessary to procure more cutting edge technologies for her facility. One of the technologies that she aims to acquire is the recently FDA-approved Cios Flow Mobile C-Arm. This is an orthopedic tool by Siemens designed to make the work of orthopedic surgeons much easier. It is meant to give them more transparent images during vascular, and spinal surgeries, among others. With this move, she will be able to handle her patients’ issues faster, more accurately, and at a much lower cost. She aims to leverage the lower costs to help reach more people in the market’s low-income segment.
That’s not to say that she has not been doing it already. Since she went solo, Dr. Laura has set aside certain days of every month for offering free orthopedic care. Her free treatment days have helped hundreds of people who may, otherwise, never access such healthcare. The problems of the people who visit her on such days are compounded by having insurance. It gives her great joy knowing that through her charity works, they gain access to proper healthcare, and can go on to live their normal lives again. She hopes to expand this service and reach as many vulnerable groups as she can.

Dr. Laura has also invested in relationships with multiple insurance companies. As long as you have any of the common insurance plans, you are guaranteed of getting treatment at Mildner Orthopedics. The staff also help clients deal with any insurance issues that may arise during the booking process. For those whose insurance is not accepted and may not have the money, she has an instalment payment plan tailor-made for their needs.

Going forward, Dr. Laura also intends to expand the geographical reach of her services beyond New York. She has already laid down a strategic plan to expand the facility into New Jersey, and Florida. She has already secured a potential investor that will help her out with the expansion drive and give Americans access to high-quality, orthopedic services across the country. She also intends to widen the number of insurance covers that she accepts, reach a wider audience, and make things a lot easier for her clients.

Dr. Laura Mildner is the founder of Mildner Orthopedics based in New York City. She offers a wide array of services that include: spine, neck and back treatment, shoulder joint problems treatment, pain management, physical therapy, among many others. Clients’ can book for her services online, at any time of the day.

Laura was recently featured in Inspirery. For additional information, visit Laura's crunchbase or xing profiles.

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