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Masahiro co. ltd: Japanese Knives at the Cutting Edge of Every Chef’s Needs

Japanese manufacturer Masahiro has a pedigree of supporting professional and amateur chefs thanks to its dedication to delivering the sharpest, most durable knives.

Seki City, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- - Each Masahiro knife is hand-made and manufactured from a layer of MBS-26 high carbon stainless steel, similar to VG-10. The MBS-26 stainless steel is treated by three stages of tempering and quenched in sub-zero temperatures to reach a hardness of 58-60 H.R.C.  

This makes the knife slightly softer than VG-10 models, but ultimately has more flexibility for a wide variety of household and industrial uses, such as meat processing. 

Importantly, their knives have a carbon content of 0.95%, ensuring excellent durability and sharpness retention. Masahiro knives come in a wide variety of options in terms of size, handle, and use of steel. 

A key characteristic of a Masahiro knife is its edge. The edge is 80/20 asymmetrical, rather than sharpened equally on both sides. The idea being that the asymmetrical edge is 35% thinner than a 50/50 edge.  

The knife is designed with one side of the blade flat, with the other side bevelled to the edge and polished. The design results in a superior blade with a smoother action, placing the pressure on the item being cut rather than against your fingers.  

This makes Masahiro's knives sharper than other Japanese knife brands. The riveted handle is made from a moisture-resistant resin, which also has anti-bacterial properties. 

Masahiro, located in Seki City and founded 70 years ago, manufactures around 200,000 knives every year. Its factory handles all integrated manufacturing from hardening to blade-edging.

Its MV Series is made of Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel. The handles are riveted, with thin layers of black dyed wood pressed in a clear poly carbide. The taper runs from the spine to the edge and is so precise the final grind is almost imperceptible.

Among its many options, the Masahiro G-series MG-612 Yahagiba traditional Japanese sushi chef knife is the top choice knife for sushi chefs for slicing nigiri and sashimi. This series has also been awarded "Good Design" by Japan's M.I.T.I.

The Seki region is mostly renowned as the home of Japanese knife manufacturing, melding ancient skills with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques. This combination has enabled the likes of Masahiro to develop world-class stainless steel kitchen knives for both Japanese and Western cultures.

The Masahrio brand is family-owned, and now run by master craftsman Ichiro Hattori. He is renowned within the Seki knife industry, and took over running the company from his father, Kazuichi Hattori.

Ichiro began in his father’s ktchen knife factory, “Masahiro”, from the age of 19 and has been within the knife-making environment ever since, ensuring an expert level of knife manufacture.

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