CNC Intelligence Inc. Offers Solutions for Victims of Investment Fraud who transferred funds via Bitcoin

CNC Intelligence Inc. can trace and recover crypto assets lost to various investment fraud schemes. The company’s crypto tracing specialists can trace Bitcoin.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2021 / -- As the value of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies increases, cybercriminals redouble their efforts to get their hands on the precious virtual coins. Investment frauds focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets have flared up yet again. The creativity of the scammers often surprises even the experienced participants of the crypto scene.

Cryptocurrencies likely owe their popularity among investment scammers to their anonymous or pseudo-anonymous nature and the difficulty of tracing crypto transactions.

Furthermore, the laws currently in effect do not offer adequate protection to the victims of cryptocurrency investment fraud.

During the 2017 crypto boom, pump-and-dump schemes piggybacking on ICOs made up the bulk of investment scams. Nowadays, scammers will turn every stone to coax their victims into handing over their Bitcoin, threatening them, attempting to scare them, and playing on their greed.

CNC Intelligence Inc. possesses the expertise to tackle cryptocurrency investment scams, identifying the perpetrators and bringing them to justice in direct cooperation with law enforcement. Being able to communicate and coordinate with law enforcement is essential, given the legal grey area that digital assets currently occupy in most countries.

To handle liaising, CNC Intelligence Inc. has secured the services of retired Department of Homeland Security intelligence analyst Seth A. Gordon. With the expertise that Mr. Gordon brings to the table, the company can effectively cooperate with law enforcement organizations world-over.

An effective digital asset recovery specialist needs to be able to:

Recruit the participation of law enforcement in the tracing/recovery efforts and coordinate the activity.
Oversee the compiling and collection of pre and post-recovery data and reports.
Facilitate the sharing of data with law enforcement.
Guide effective operations and work out strategies.
Provide support for promoting the recovery efforts.

Optionally, in their relations with law enforcement, such organizations may also want to:

Share messaging and distribute materials.
Help with law enforcement participation in various media events.
Offer support through a spokesperson and promote asset recovery capabilities.
Set up, coordinate, or assist with inter-agency recovery activities.

When it comes to the effective tracing and recovery of digital assets, CNC Intelligence Inc. has already put in the networking/relationship building groundwork and continues to allocate resources toward this aspect of its operation. In this regard, it always strives to:

Identify, contact, and recruit potential partner organizations.
Develop relationships with such organizations and manage them effectively.
Act as a contact facilitator between law enforcement and the asset recovery community.
Build and maintain working relationships with relevant authorities and law enforcement organizations world-over.

CNC Intelligence Inc.’s operation mirrors that of international asset recovery specialists such as Interpol. Instead of helping countries recover stolen public funds and other corruptly obtained assets, CNC Intelligence Inc. can help individuals recover their digital assets lost to cybercrime.

Using law enforcement-grade tools and specialized personnel, the company traces the misappropriated assets and promptly identifies the perpetrators.

It then begins legal recovery efforts. In this respect, it has to deal with the same hurdles and challenges organizations such as Interpol handle.

Given the borderless nature of digital ledger technology (DLT), timely investigative intervention is essential in locating, freezing, and recovering the stolen assets.

Every country where the beneficiaries of the crime may reside poses its own set of procedural and administrative requirements. Understanding these requirements is perhaps the most significant barrier to effective recovery.
Removing the procedural barriers and identifying a clear legal path to cryptocurrency tracing and recovery is a top priority.

Cryptocurrency tracing and recovery is a challenge only cutting edge organizations such as CNC Intelligence Inc. can meet.

Although investment fraud can take an infinite number of forms, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an ideal vehicle for defrauding investors from all walks of life. Until a firm, well-defined legal framework emerges to govern the ownership and use of such assets, the situation will only grow more acute.

CNC Intelligence Inc. aims to help those affected by investment fraud, and with its expertise in cryptocurrency tracing and recovery, it is in the perfect position to do so.

To help individuals, the company offers a free consultation through its website, Those interested in CNC Intelligence Inc’s services can contact the asset recovery specialist firm through

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