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Great Kids Launches RISE to Help Families Suffering from Addictions

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2021 / -- Today, Great Kids (GK) is announcing the launch of RISE (Recovery-Impact-Support-Engage), a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) training to support those who work with struggling parents and their children. Addiction is a disease, and it does not make someone a bad parent. RISE gives anyone the tools they need to help parents recover and break the generational cycle of addiction for their children.

RISE is a 100% asynchronous learning program delivered through the GK Academy, designed to guide the home visitor's journey into an enhanced understanding of SUDs. The intended audience is home visitors who support families with young children, but registration is open to any practitioner interested in learning more about substance use disorder. No background knowledge is necessary.

"The goal of RISE is to enhance knowledge of Substance Use Disorder, understand the impact it can have on the entire family, and learn how to facilitate parent-child relationships to help overcome that," said Dana Broadway, Director of Research and Product Development at Great Kids.

SUDs are the recurrent use of alcohol or other drugs (or both) that lead to significant impairment.

Substance Use Disorders:
-Details: Latest 2019 statistics of Americans 12-years and older with a SUD.
-Alcohol: 14.5 million Americans
-Opioids: 1.6 million Americans
-Marijuana: 4.8 million Americans
-Cocaine: 1 million Americans
-Heroin: 438,000 Americans
-Methamphetamines: 1 million Americans
-Prescription Stimulants: 558,000 Americans

World Drug Report 2019: 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders while only 1 in 7 people receive treatment.

Children and Parents (2017):
-About 1 in 8 children (8.7 million) aged 17 or younger lived in households with at least one parent who had a past year SUD.
-About 1 in 10 children (7.5 million) lived in households with at least one parent who had a past-year alcohol use disorder.
-About 1 in 35 children (2.1 million) lived in households with at least one parent who had a past year illicit drug use disorder.

Children are four times more likely to develop alcohol problems themselves if the parent they live with had an alcohol use disorder in the past year. (Source: Children Living with Parents Who Have a Substance Use Disorder.) Parents can be essential to the well-being of their children. When a parent has a SUD, the whole family may be part of the recovery process; each household member may need support. Training programs like RISE provide home visitors with a solid foundation for supporting healthy parent-child dynamics.

“One of the biggest challenges in our culture is the stigma placed on those who suffer from SUDs. RISE supports the participant to reflect on any bias they might have and understand more about the challenges that families like these might be facing on their recovery journey. We want to be certain that home visitors have the tools they need to support families in recovery,” said Dana. “Parents with SUDs are not bad people or bad parents, they are people who need a village to support them, RISE will enhance home visitors to be part of that village.”

How RISE Works:

The online course includes five modules covering approximately 20 hours of content. It also provides some practice scenarios specific to Home Visiting. Participants complete modules sequentially and receive a certificate of completion.

General Topics Covered:
-Roles of the home visitor in addressing substance use disorder.
-Information on the opioid epidemic (what opioids are, effects of opioids, statistics).
-Risks of substance use on family relationships.
-The stigma attached to substance use and the language to use.
-Treatment options for those experiencing a Substance Use Disorder.
-Stages of Change.
-Effects of Substance Use Disorder (how it impacts the parent-child relationship, parent-child interactions, child development, and how it affects parenting skills).
-Addressing concerns around substance use (how to have the conversation).
-Understanding recovery and relapse planning.
-Supporting families to have healthy relationships and keeping children safe.

Cost: $250 (US$)
-Includes registration
-Online Access to all lesson materials
-Practice scenarios

Thousands of providers who do not have training specific to SUDs would benefit from RISE including home visitors in any program, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, and recovery coaches. You do not have to have any prior credentials to take the course.

Learn more about RISE here:

About Great Kids (GK):

The Great Kids vision is to protect children and their childhoods while allowing every parent to feel confident and competent. Their programs support parents to grow the essential parenting and life skills that will empower them to provide their children with a safe, loving home and the inner strengths to reach their highest developmental potential. GK accomplishes their vision by providing programs with professional development, consultation, and evidence-based parenting curricula that create inspired and meaningful practices with families. These connections lead to engaged, strong, and resilient families.

As a non-profit, Great Kids is committed to building the competencies of parents and the professionals who work in programs and serve parents and their pre-birth to age five children. They believe that every interaction should create joy, enthusiasm, learning, and reflections for the family, as well as the practitioner, and supporting programs to achieve these outcomes is the mission of Great Kids. To learn more, visit this website:

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