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Make Extra Money with Wealth Trading Academy’s 555program

/EIN News/ -- London, UK, Jan. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 555program dedicated to creating a side hustle income to 9 to 5 professionals

Sarwar Hussain founder of the Wealth Trading Academy has launched the 555program dedicated to creating a side hustle income for 9 to 5 professionals. Especially in this time of a global pandemic where even the secure 9 to 5 jobs are facing salary cuts and employers downsizing. Hussain promises to give everyone a way to trade without being glued to the computer screen or having to go out, or even exchanging time for money.

The pandemic hit us with rather a surprise when no one had a backup plan or even savings that could come to use in a time like this. Now that things are a little bit better as many have gotten used to the new lifestyle people are in to be proactive and invest in whatever that would keep them going if at all a crisis like this arises again. That is why an initiative like Hussain’s which teaches clients to make a living in the side stream by not distorting their main source of  income. 

Sarwar realized that most employees didn’t know where they stood between losing their job and getting a loss of pay. Not knowing if they could go back to work and hesitating to swipe the credit card and pay the bills in fear of not being able to pay it back must have been a torture to most. Some started working from home and suddenly started to have huge leisure times in the day and wanted to make the most of it in creating a more secure life. All of both positive and negative effects of the pandemic are very good reasons to invest in the 555program.

Technology has transformed the trading business. Around 15 years ago we had to call a broker or two to receive stock prices and get into trades. There were many middlemen involved which diminished the first-hand knowledge that one could get today without a large amount of back and forth. These days, the intricate details and sophisticated services are just one tap or one click away. Charting analysis tools have never been better.

Sarwar has made the best use of whatever technology is available to create this new program which focuses on taking advantage of the technology and swing trading. Swing trades trade longer than just one day and could last a few months. All of these are created in one single program for beginners to have a back-up plan for their finances.
Apart from hardcore trade plans, the program also takes its turn of self-improvement by focusing on the mindset that is needed to become a successful trader in 2021.

As a platform to reflect all of these, Sarwar created the 555porgram and has a remarkable goal to change at least a 1000 people’s lives by creating a “side hustle” for them. Sarwar has a strong passion and love for what he does. He wishes to document his success and other parts of the journey in his new book release which will be a part of his legacy.

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