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Zachor Legal Institute is Delighted to Announce a Partnership with Zionists on Campus

Zachor Legal has agreed to be legal advisor to a new campus project that will work with Zionist students who seek to combat anti-Israel campus discrimination

Students supporting Israel are often harassed, intimidated, and silenced on campuses. With support from Zachor Legal Institute, Zionists On Campus will be able to advocate for Zionist students.”
— Lizzy McNeill

RED LEVEL, AL, USA, January 27, 2021 / -- Antisemitism on university campuses has a long history of being tolerated by university administrators. This has resulted in an environment where Jewish students who seek to assert their shared ethnicity as the indigenous people of the modern State of Israel (also known as Zionism) have been intimidated into silence and acceptance of blood libels. They are prevented from exercising their right to express their identities and participate fully and equally in campus life. The failure of university administrators and state and federal regulators to take action against the blatant discrimination Zionist students face has left these students with no options other than to be victims of radical student groups that openly acknowledge they intend to silence Zionist voices and remove any viewpoints that support Zionism.

Compounding the problem, anti-Zionist radicals are allowed to spread propaganda and lies about Zionism on campus, such as Israel Apartheid Weeks, which amplifies the hostile university environment for Zionist students as anti-Zionism becomes dogma on campuses.

While existing laws, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, nominally prohibit the kind of discrimination faced by Zionist students on campuses, these laws are not frequently enforced and university administrators have been intimidated by anti-Zionist radicals. As a result, universities are reluctant to treat Zionist students with fairness, whether the issue is presenting the truth about Israel, countering anti-Zionist propaganda with facts or ensuring that the campus environment is one where the expression of all viewpoints is protected.

Zachor Legal Institute, a non-profit focused on eliminating discrimination, has been contacted by students numerous times over the past several years regarding anti-Zionism on campuses, but students continue to be fearful of repercussions if they demand equal rights. As a result, students generally choose to accept discrimination so they can graduate without undue complications.

Zionists on Campus will work together with existing campus organizations to protect Zionist students and aggressively advocate for institutional changes at universities to confront the dangerous conditions created by the growing culture of anti-Zionist discrimination.

Understanding that Zionist students seek a campus organization that will have the legal support of activist organizations, Zachor Legal Institute has agreed to be the legal advisor to this newly formed campus project that will work with Zionist students who seek to combat anti-Zionist campus discrimination. Zionists on Campus is organized by a combination of current and recently matriculated students from campuses that have experienced the most significant levels of anti-Zionist discrimination. They work to educate students on the truth about Israel and the history of Palestinian terrorism that has led to the current security situation Israel faces, among other topics, and will also insist that universities provide Zionist students with equal rights and an environment free from racial and national origin-based intimidation, harassment and discrimination.

Lizzy McNeill, project manager of Zionists on Campus, said: “Jewish and Israel supporting students are often harassed, intimidated, and silenced on U.S. college campuses. The word Zionist has been demonized by aggressive anti-Israel groups. Many students feel that by supporting Zionism they are in jeopardy of failing classes or being ostracized by peers for their beliefs. Zionists On Campus is a new organization that will help provide resources to students facing intimidation. With support from Zachor Legal Institute, Zionists On Campus will be able to properly advocate for Zionist students at universities.".

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