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Top-Rated Background Check Services: Report on the Best Background Checks and People Search Sites

/EIN News/ -- San Diego, California, Jan. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Background check services are useful digging up information on people you are curious about.  However there are many types of background checks available: criminal records, credit checks, address records, and even social media reports.  In this report by PerformInsider, 15 background check sites were compared to see which provide the best results for each type of public record.

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Best Background Check: At a Glance

Best Online Background Check Service

Many online tools and sites claim to conduct accurate background checks, capable of discovering an impressive amount of "hidden" information. However, in truth, each service has its limitations, and the best way to discover which service is suitable for your needs is to look up reviews online. 

1. Truthfinder - Best All-Round Background Check

Truthfinder is the most far-reaching, under a day, background check.

Truthfinder Positives

  • Quick results (3 to 10 minutes)
  • Results include a person’s work history
  • Reverse phone number lookup available

Truthfinder Drawbacks

  • Credit history is not included

Truthfinder, a deep web search engine, can find public records in minutes. Traffic tickets, false arrests, and other public information (even events taking place a decade ago) can be found online through this search engine. 

You can also find old blogs, a person's social media history, and even old relatives through Truthfinder. 

The trade-off with the fast service is that on a rare occasion, information may be pulled on the incorrect individual. 

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2. Intelius - Best reverse phone lookup

Intelius is a confidential background and information search organization, handling both public record checks and criminal background checks.  

Intelius Positives

  • Thorough background search 
  • Traces cell phone calls

Intelius Drawbacks

  • Results take 2 to 3 days 
  • Does not include work history

Intelius is capable of finding long lost friends, relatives and can even trace cell phone calls. In some cases, Intelius can also look up the title rights on a property you want to buy. 

Searches can take longer than on other sites, but it's easy to get the process started on their website. Intelius is an all-inclusive background check organization suited for criminal record checks since the site conducts a comprehensive background search. 

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#3. Instant Checkmate - Best Background Check For Non-Employers 

Instant Checkmate is another reliable company capable of conducting background checks online. However, their work is limited to individuals and not employers. 

Instant Checkmate Positives

  • Social media, police records, civil judgments, contact info, and more 
  • Results only take a few minutes
  • Affordable

Instant Checkmate Drawbacks 

  • Less in-depth than other options
  • Not advised for employers

There are limitations to using this service as Instant Checkmate will not help individuals spy on other people or perform searches on someone who has explicitly said they do not want to contact said person. 

Nor can someone use Instant Checkmate to pull up credit information or screen for employment. Plus, you can't use their service to screen potential tenants either. 

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Best Criminal Background Check FAQ

Q: Why Do Employers Check an Employee's Criminal Past?

A: There are several legitimate reasons why employees conduct background checks on potential employees. The most common of these include:

  • To ensure that their prospective employee is trustworthy, nonviolent, educated, qualified, and can perform their duties without any problems.
  • To ensure they are not hiring anyone with a criminal history and adhere to company policies regarding criminal records.
  • To minimize risk, both performance-wise and litigation wise.
  • To ensure a safe working environment for all of its employees.
  • To mitigate any legal responsibility that would result in paying legal fees and damages to an employee hurt by another employee.
  • To confirm an employee is not misrepresenting themselves and stating qualifications they do not have.

It's important to note that it's illegal to perform a background check on the premise of disconcerting an individual's race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, or age.

Plus, most background checks available online are not subject to the FCRA and thus are not allowed for the purpose of employment or qualifying a tenant. As such, an employee or tenant background check is required to go through the Federal Reporting Agency. 

Q: How Do Companies Conduct Criminal Background Checks?

A: All background checks, including the criminal version, must be conducted according to state and federal laws. The rights of the prospective employee cannot be violated during its process.

There are two forms of background checks. The first method is that the employer can conduct the investigation themselves. They have employees who are hired for that purpose and can verify the information given on the resumes or application forms.

The second is to outsource to a professional background check service.

The second method is the most popular as it saves the employer time. There are also different levels of background checks. For example, the credit report is just a brief credit history that also states the potential employee's address and financial history.

Then there are very detailed background checks that go many years into the past and leave no detail uninvestigated. The type of background check used depends on the type of work the potential employee is applying for.

Q: How Long do BackGround Checks Take?

A: Background checks can take anywhere from minutes to over 30 days. The time alone is not indicative of how good the results will be. However, it's recommended that employer background checks should not take less than 4 hours. 

Q: How Far Back do BackGround Checks Go?

A: Background Check Laws differ from state to state. In most states, employment searches can not go beyond seven years. Some exceptions push the background check date back to 10 years. Those states include but are not limited to; California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Q: Can a Private Citizen Run a Personal Background Check?

A: Technically, anyone can run a background check on anyone else. All you need is a person's name and a few other details to narrow the search down. You can run an investigation on a neighbor, a potential suitor for your daughter, and so on.

The personal background check issue is murky. A lot of information can be obtained through a quick Google search. This flexibility makes it difficult to ascertain if you need permission or not to conduct a personal background check on a neighbor, potential babysitter, and other people.

What is a Criminal Background Check 

An employer carries out a criminal background check to see if a potential employee has had a criminal history. These checks search through police and FBI databases to see if they have been arrested or convicted in the past.

There are approximately 77 million people in America with a criminal history, and background checks usually uncover those records. 

Employers are known to use the terms "background check" and "criminal background check" interchangeably. However, criminal background searches are not the same as a general background search. The latter looks at an individual's legal status to work in the country, educational background, legal issues, and driving or credit records. 

In contrast, a criminal background check focuses solely on your criminal history, if you have one. In many cases, a criminal background check will also look to see if the individual is on any sexual predator lists. 

The History Of Background Checks  

The Negligence Hiring Law came into existence in 1908. During that time, a court found an employer negligent of employing a person who had reckless behavior—behavior that resulted in the death of a co-worker.

Between 1911 and 1933, this law was expanded to include wrongful actions outside of the employment area. But it wasn't until the 1970s that employers started to get serious about investigating their potential employees' histories.

Laws were also implemented to restrict employers in order to protect an employee's civil rights. In 2003, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) was formed to help these new professional background checking organizations. Their job was to ensure that searches were conducted ethically without violating the law.

The Bottom Line

Background checks are vital in this technological age. Making sure someone is a good fit for your company is essential for maintaining a safe working environment. While you do not want to discriminate against anyone, background checks, including criminal ones, help protect yourself, your company, your shareholders, and other employees.

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