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Michael Itaev Explains How Environmental Initiatives Benefit Poor Communities

Michael Itaev

Michael Itaev

Michael Itaev On How Environmental Initiatives Benefit Poor Communities

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2021 / -- Environmental initiatives benefit all of us, but those benefits can be especially impactful in low socioeconomic areas. Michael Itaev explains why that's the case and why we should all support environmental causes.

Michael Itaev is committed to supporting innovative green solutions that improve the quality of life for those that live in poor communities around the world. It was that commitment that led Michael Itaev to get involved with an initiative to create a Gasification Power Plant in Mexico City. Through this and other efforts, Michael Itaev has gained firsthand knowledge of how environmentally friendly changes benefit poor communities.

People living in poverty pay a larger percentage of their paycheck for basic essentials compared to wealthier people, and that includes paying for things like energy, heat, water, and gas. However poor people often are not able to make the upfront investment required to take advantage of cheaper solutions, such as hybrid or electric cars, solar panels, low-flow water heaters, Michael Itaev explains. So while the cost savings those items bring could be a huge help to low-income families, they remain out of reach due to high upfront costs.

Low-income communities are also disproportionately impacted by some of the negative consequences of an unsustainable society, such as large power plants and smog-filled city centers. Michael Itaev has seen how large power plants are often located near low-income neighborhoods since the power plant makes the land undesirable. That leaves poor families living in polluted, noisy areas that others can afford to avoid. Poor people may also be unable to relocate from smoggy, polluted city centers where poor air quality negatively affects their health. Since people of limited economic means often don't have access to quality healthcare, the health issues caused by poor air quality affect them more than they would wealthier families.

There are dozens of additional reasons that a society that fails to prioritize environmentally friendly policies put an unequal burden on the poor, Michael Itaev says. That's why new green technologies like gasification, which is a process that converts household waste into energy, are so important. They not only improve our planet, both today and for future generations, but also improve the lives of society's most vulnerable.

Michael Itaev's efforts to promote Gasification Power Plants are just one of many initiatives aiming to improve living conditions for those in poverty by promoting a more sustainable future. Michael Itaev believes deeply in all such programs, knowing that a more sustainable planet will help improve the living conditions for the most vulnerable portions of society.

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