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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Discusses the New York State Tenant Safe Harbor Act

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg recently discussed the extension of the New York State Tenant Safe Harbor Act.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 / -- The coronavirus pandemic doesn't appear to be going anywhere in the state of New York. The pandemic has spread hardship across the city, leaving many out of work and unable to pay their bills. Because of this, Governor Cuomo announced that the Tenant Safe Harbor Act has been extended into 2021. Aaron Schlossberg is an expert in handling commercial and residential landlord-tenant issues. He recently discussed the extension of this act and what it means for residents renting in the city and their landlords.

The Tenant Safe Harbor Act was put into place to protect some tenants from facing eviction due to financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aaron Schlossberg explained that this act also protects some tenants who were facing eviction warrants before the pandemic began.

"Cuomo is working to protect New Yorkers who have struggled financially due to this pandemic," Aaron Schlossberg said. "He does not want anyone to be forced out of their homes due to a virus."

Aaron Schlossberg added that despite the act's good intentions, landlords were deeply worried when it was first signed into action. This is because, with an inability to evict tenants, landlords could lose a significant amount of money that they expect every month. This could lead to foreclosures and other financial hardships for those who own the properties. However, Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that the Tenant Safe Harbor Act provided additional financial support for renters and, perhaps, landlords as well.

"This and previous executive orders also prohibit landlords from charging fees for late rent payments," Aaron Schlossberg said. "The goal is to provide flexibility for tenants, so they can recover financially as quickly as possible when the pandemic passes."

Aaron Schlossberg explained that the recent extension of the act also protects mortgagors and commercial tenants, with similar protections to those residential tenants receive. The goal is to allow mortgagors and commercial tenants flexibility in mortgage payments and an opportunity to renegotiate leases and avoid foreclosure following the pandemic.

Governor Cuomo extended the act to January 1, 2021, and it is expected to be extended much farther into the new year. Aaron Schlossberg explained that Cuomo has also been passing additional legislation to protect tenants, mortgagers, and many other residents of the city.

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