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Coming Full Circle: Sue Smiley’s 30 Years of Service to DOE

After cleanup was substantially completed at the Ohio Closure Sites, Smiley  moved to the DOE-EM Consolidated Business Center in Cincinnati, where she continued to support site transition planning for Ohio and Rocky Flats Closure sites, several DOE national laboratories, and EM “small sites,” such as Moab, Utah. Her tenure and expertise in site transitions eventually brought her to her final role with DOE in 2016, when she became the site manager for both the Fernald Preserve and Mound sites. In addition, she served as an LM expert on planning for transitioning sites.

To young professionals looking to build a career in environmental remediation, Smiley recommends a well-rounded, team-focused approach.

“Having a strong technical background is only one component of being a competent site manager,” Smiley said. “It’s also important to understand and recognize the value of work performed by others, often operating behind the scenes on the team.”

Smiley’s focus on and fondness for her fellow team members will remain one of her favorite memories of her time with DOE.

“The thing I’ve loved the most about my career is having the honor and privilege of working with all of the great DOE and DOE contractor folks over the past several years,” Smiley said. “I wish them all the best of luck in the future.”