Glow Flow Chefs See Adaptogens Trending in Popularity after Celebrity & Royal Endorsements

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Adaptogenic latte blends are becoming the latest craze, according to wellness brand Glow Flow Chefs.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2021 / -- Glow Flow Chefs founders Amy Jones and Emily Foster first started using adaptogens for personal benefits several years ago. So impressed were they by positive effect adaptogens had on their lives that they decided to go into business together and share their findings with the world. Having worked in the health and wellness industry for many years, the sisters developed Glow Flow Chef’s instant adaptogenic latte blends, which have been gaining popularity ever since.

“Once we experienced the power of adaptogens, we wanted everyone to feel their effects,” says Amy Jones, co-founder and director of marketing of Glow Flow Chefs. “They helped reduce our stress, enhance our focus, and keep us overall healthier and happier; we knew the rest of the world could benefit from these powerful plants and herbs.”

Adaptogens are a class of herbs named for their ability to help the body adapt to stress and change in the environment. They help bring the body back to balance when something knocks it out of homeostasis, and are regularly used in matters relating to anxiety, fatigue, mental clarity, immunity, and hormonal balance.

As Amy and Emily discovered, one of the easiest ways to incorporate adaptogens into a daily routine is through a latte, something people are already often drinking in their day. Glow Flow Chefs offers instant, delicious latte blends in powder form in a variety of flavors that serve as an easy and effective way for people to consume adaptogens daily as part of their morning, afternoon, or evening rituals.

“We developed our adaptogenic latte blends as a way for people to experience the powerful effects of adaptogens daily,” adds Emily Foster, co-founder and chief of operations of Glow Flow Chefs. “Our powder blends can be combined with just water, making it incredibly easy to enjoy a café-style latte in minutes.”

But no longer are adaptogens only being discussed and consumed by individuals deeply rooted in the health and wellness space. They are now appearing in traditional pantries all over the world.

Meghan Markle recently showed her support of the adaptogen trend with a large financial investment into the rapidly growing market. Expressing her belief in the potential of adaptogens to improve people’s lives, Markle has shared adaptogenic latte blends with Oprah. Oprah has since informed her 19 million Instagram followers that she wished she had discovered adaptogenic blends sooner, because she would have added them to her infamous list of “favorite things.”

“Not many people know that adaptogens have been used for centuries in both Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions,” Emily concludes. “Their usage dates back hundreds of years. And based on their rapidly increasing popularity in the western hemisphere, there will be no shortage of consumers, and likely more celebrities, who will continue to sing their praises!”

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A wellness brand started by twin sisters, Amy and Emily, Glow Flow Chefs helps people elevate their days with functional products that highlight adaptogens. Glow Flow Chefs launched its signature line of instant adaptogenic latte blends in 2017 to provide time-strapped, wellness seekers a convenient, delicious way to consume adaptogens daily so they can decrease stress, increase clarity and and boost immunity.

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