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London Diamonds to offer clients the choice of lab grown and natural mined diamonds

The world-renowned diamond dealer now makes around 1% of all engagement rings in the UK.

LONDON, UK, January 2, 2021 / -- Well-known luxury jewellery brand, London Diamonds, is on track to become one of the country’s biggest bespoke jewellers. The company has benefited from immense support on Instagram and is one of the few diamond and jewellery brands that offer clients the choice of using either naturally mined or lab-grown diamonds in their jewellery.

They make the point that lab grown diamonds are visually and chemically the same as mined diamonds and even suggest that much of the ‘romance’ surrounding natural mined diamonds is simply decades of clever marketing.

This London based business might make around 1% of all the engagement rings purchased in the UK, but as Managing Director, James Sanders, commented, ‘whilst we are proud of this, it means that 99% of people are buying elsewhere, so we are not resting on our laurels’.

As an industry disruptor, London Diamonds has led the charge for a more ethical and less costly, in both human and financial terms, alternative to naturally mined diamonds. They even go as far as suggesting that clients watch the recent 23 minute long Netflix documentary on Diamonds before deciding whether to choose a natural or lab grown diamond for their jewellery.

Sales of lab grown diamonds have surged in recent years and they typically cost 30% to 40% less than their “natural” equivalent. Their credibility was further boosted when the world's leading gemmological laboratories, the GIA and IGI, began certifying lab grown diamonds for their weight, clarity, cut and colour in the same way as mined diamonds.

This has led to a younger and perhaps more environmentally aware audience deciding that lab grown diamonds present a compelling choice by being both kinder to the planet and their pockets. It’s an audience that finds London Diamonds on Instagram rather than glossy adverts and expensive billboards. Sanders continues, ‘the jewellery industry was in need of a change. We source diamonds from the world's biggest wholesalers, the exact same ones used by famous luxury brands, but without their mark up’. He continues, ‘we offer clients choice, quality and no pressure to buy, it’s that simple’.

With such a strong presence on social media and no physical stores, you might assume that a human element might be missing. It’s not the case.

Clients are involved throughout the entire process of making their bespoke piece, they can speak, message, question and meet with the London Diamonds team, creating the perfect mix of modern efficiency with a genuine human touch. Designs and diamonds are approved before any build begins, with clients encouraged to pick up their creations from the London Diamonds offices in Farringdon whenever possible.

About London Diamonds

London Diamonds is a leading provider of bespoke engagement rings and diamond jewellery. By working directly with the world’s largest diamond wholesalers, clients are able to create beautiful jewellery without the traditional brand name mark up. By combining the convenience of purchasing online with exceptional, responsive customer service, they are able to bridge the gap between internet retailers and traditional jewellery boutiques.

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