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Many Signs Point to a Better Year Ahead: BidPrime’s Forecast for Promising Opportunities for Business in 2021

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Examples of recovery industries in 2021

5G and Broadband expected to grow in 2021

Governments in 2021 will respond to the infusion of cash by greatly stepping up their purchases of necessities and goods, services, and solutions previously budgeted and targeted for 2020.”
— Jim Ward, New Business Development
AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / -- BidPrime Inc. today released a detailed forecast on government purchasing for the year ahead, which includes numerous indications that 2021 should turn out to be a much better year than 2020. In particular, state and local governments, with the expected assistance of federal stimulus spending, are expected to provide the investment to help generate the economic recovery.

In the full report, Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime’s COO, along with Jim Ward, from New Business Development, analyze the challenges faced in 2020, which led to changes in budget priorities, modified plans for procurement investment, and disruption in overall bid volumes, particularly from state and local governments.

Hetzel and Ward also present the findings on the number of reasons for promise in 2021. The reasons for optimism includes the impact of the vaccine rollout, the newly enacted COVID relief package, and federal infrastructure spending designed to spur a recovery.

Government agencies are now expected to move forward with purchasing the goods, services, and solutions they’ve held off on since the coronavirus crisis emerged last spring.

Hetzel details the ongoing and forthcoming economic Recovery Stages. The initial stage will be a continuation of investment, programs and efforts similar to the latter part of 2020.

The following stage is expected to begin sometime in February or March. At that time, the initial rollout of COVID vaccines will be well underway and the lockdowns will be scaled back hopefully. Also, the funds from the $900 billion COVID-relief package, as well as further infrastructure-focused packages to come should be allocated and available to state and local governments.

Ward believes Stage II will closely resemble the recovery of 2009. As was the case then, Ward predicts, “governments in 2021 will respond to the infusion of cash by greatly stepping up their purchases of necessities and goods, services, and solutions previously budgeted and targeted for 2020.”

Stage III will see the public sector with a renewed focus on investment and revitalization.

“I’d look for a strong pivot into green industries,” said Hetzel. “If it happens, it’ll embrace solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. In contrast to 2009, many technologies have also come a long way. Specifically, we're looking for further investment into municipal infrastructure that includes mass transit, 5G Broadband, autonomous systems, Smart Cities, digital transformation, and of course cybersecurity..”

Hetzel noted many other industries which should benefit from notable investment, as part of Stage III. The list includes but isn’t limited to: carbon management, carbon sequestration, energy production from wastes, renewable energy generation, grid modernization, water projects, etc…

In his projections, Ward looks for bid opportunities targeting sustainability, the continued rise of “Smart Cities”, and an ongoing demand for cleaning and disinfection-related services. This will include: personal protective equipment (PPE), latex gloves, medical-style face masks, antibacterial sanitizers, hazmat gear, touchless technologies, and self-serve kiosks.

As a result of the pandemic, in 2020 we saw the growth in virtualization, cloud hosting, and e-learning. Along with those areas, 2021 will see a continued trend in growth of government conducting business remotely, with the aid of smartphones and apps. This will also result in the increased call for videoconferencing, remote meeting platforms, virtual learning, fiber optic connectivity, and 5G broadband service.

It is very likely that no other industry will realize more growth in 2021 than telehealth, soon followed by electronic health records systems and databases, and healthcare laboratory testing services.

The resulting increases in these bid opportunities, with continuing, associated decreases in issuance to award timeframes, strongly suggests that vendors should be prepared to act quickly on these imminent solicitations. BidPrime’s technology and service, which includes aggregating solicitations from more than 115,000 government agencies across the U.S. and Canada, is positioned to alert you to these newly posted bids, along with the associated bid documents.


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