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The Trading Game 2020 Recap

/EIN News/ -- London,UK, Dec. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Trading Game continues to raise the bar for educational apps year after year. 

Bite-sized learning material curated for both beginners and more experienced alike. A completely risk-free market simulator with live real-market data and daily handpicked trading tips and assignments, helps users simplify challenging concepts like trading, investing, and much more into a simple one-stop solution for anyone who wants to learn, experience, and have fun in the Financial markets. 

The game requires no sign-ups (unless to save the progress or to add friends through Facebook). Even better - it’s free of charge, free of advertising and does not track, retarget or sell your data to anyone , all in all providing a safe, hassle-free, and fun experience for everyone. 

Played with virtual money, The Trading Game is a market on its own. In 2020 players have traded the most popular assets 180,000,000 times: 16 Major and Minor Forex pairs 50 Most popular US, EU, and CH stocks. 10 Most Traded Commodities 5 Most popular Indices 14 Cryptocurrencies 

In addition, The Trading Game has proved to be the number one learning tool among beginner traders and now has almost 2,000,000 downloads. Players and learners have traded more than $40 billion in volume, played more than 3,000,000 battles inside the app. 

Unlike most apps, The Trading Game sources real-time price data for trading. All the assets in the game are the world's most traded in each category, covering the majority of opportunities the finance market can present. 

The app provides daily trading tips and insights into what assets could present the most significant profit opportunities, therefore speeding up the learning process. The quizzes in the game use a very popular and original trend predictor. It lets players guess the trend and determine whether it will go up or down based on real-life historical events and what has triggered price movements in markets before. 
This allows users to understand how news can influence price and chart movements to use market news to their advantage. 

"For example, former US President Donald Trump triggered massive price changes with tweets alone, especially ones triggering uncertainty, it caused big swings across markets and influenced the price of Gold. Traders who spotted a trend that the market historically recovers after a dip, made outstanding profits". 
-The Trading Game

In all aspects, the app trains its users/players with the motto "What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle," making sure players that enter the real-life market have higher success rates. 

In general, 70-80% of traders lose money when trading. 
The rate varies from broker to broker, and the result is tracked using, which also teaches the fundamentals of Forex trading and gives statistics and descriptions of brokers. 

To start trading, the player needs to complete a series of lessons in the 'Trading School'. Once they have answered enough questions correctly to earn $1000, the trading feature will be unlocked. 

The Trading Game has a distinguishing feature from other games with its own battles. The "Wall Street Duels" mini-game in the app provides a trade battle simulation for users where they fight to earn the most money within a select timeframe by buying and selling any of the available assets on the games simulator.

About The Trading Game 

The Trading Game is a simple and fun all-in-one game and trading simulator for learning Stock & Forex trading fundamentals, used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. 

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