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How Has Riley Jensen Beaten the Odds?

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABOUT - Riley Jensen is a film star and tattoo model with international publishing. She was featured on the cover of Inked Magazine in 2012 ( others on the cover have included super-celebrities like Adam Levine, Pink, Travis Barker, and more). In an entertainment world that often demeans and diminishes the value of women, not to mention heavily tattooed people, Riley has succeeded and risen to high opportunities. 

Riley explains, 

“I think the tattoo industry is only going up from here. Many amazing artists are getting more and more recognition from the help of models as well publishing their work on their bodies.” 

As America grows to accept bodily self expression more and more, tattooed stars are less the victims of taboo and blacklisting and are achieving success and recognition based on their skills and talents, as they should.

Her advice to entrepreneurs like herself?

“Put everything you got into your business and focus solely on becoming successful with little to no distractions.”

This is great advice: focus is the only way to truly arrive. If you’re operating in fear because of stigmas, others’ expectations, and constantly-changing conventions about beauty or image, you’ll be stuck.

Many young stars are sold the notion that if they don’t conform to a very specific image beset with old rules about how to look, they’ll be pushed out. So often, these stars operate in fear and insecurity. Riley is helping to change the mold here.

“I was told that if I got more tattoos I wouldn't make it very far. Things have changed now. There is no obstacle that true grit and amazing grace cannot overcome.”


Riley Jensen
p: 469.468.8828