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Esteemed Economics Researcher Lisa JY Tan Introduces New Book "Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi"

Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi

In her book “Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi”, Lisa JY Tan investigates the critical principles in the future of economics.

SINGAPORE, December 24, 2020 / -- Lisa JY Tan has just released her research-based title, Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi, the first textbook created on Token Engineering. The book outlines Token Engineering basics while delving into in-depth discussions regarding its economics and mechanisms. By being one of the first to research and educate in the field in 2018 in London, the author boasts a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject, which she is excited to share with a global audience.

As Bitcoin historically tops $22K, player and regulator interest in Token Engineering is dramatically spiking. Lisa’s crypto-economics research examines existing economics systems and finds ways to redefine them in the context of the new and ever-evolving token-based economics principles. This analysis is explored in detail in Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi, offering readers insight into the expansive world of Token Engineering and its role in the future of economics.

Ocean Protocol Founder Trent McConaghy tweeted, “First textbook on Token Engineering. A big milestone for this nascent field.”

Economics and Math of Token Engineering and DeFi is ideal for crypto holders and defi users looking to expand their knowledge on the core foundational principles of economics in Web 3.0. The book investigates the evolution of economics, the development of principles learned in Econs 101, and the future digital space in which economics will exist. The information is easy to digest, meaning anyone with even a modest interest in economics will find this book advantageous.

About The Author

Lisa JY Tan is the founder and lead economist at Economics Design, a research-oriented consultancy for digital ecosystems. She is one of the leaders in a United Nations x Stanford University focus group on regulating digital currencies. On the education side, Lisa runs a free weekly online class focused on the economics of token ecosystems.

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