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Keeping In Touch From Afar: CEO Tzvi Odzer's Tips For Communicating With Family During Lockdown

Tzvi Odzer Henderson

How CEO And Philanthropist Tzvi Odzer Stays Connected, Even When His Family Is A World Apart

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 / -- It's not easy to stay connected in a socially distanced world. CEO and philanthropist Tzvi Odzer has worked hard to stay in close contact with his family in Israel for years, even when he's a world away. He's sharing his tips on how to stay close with family, even when it's not possible to interact face to face.

First, Tzvi Odzer recommends taking advantage of old fashioned snail mail. Technology is great, but there's something special about the care that goes into making a package for someone you can't see face to face. Don't think that you need to put together an entire care package all at once. Tzvi Odzer recommends picking up something once a week or so until you have enough to send a full care package to your family or other loved ones.

Taking advantage of technology is obviously key, according to Tzvi Odzer. Zoom and other virtual meeting systems can feel awkward at first, but getting the hang of it is well worth the time when you get to spend time face to face with your loved ones. If you're conversing with loved ones abroad, it can be especially tough if you don't speak the same language. Tzvi Odzer recommends having a family member who is fluent in both languages present, as they can be beneficial for having a fun, productive conversation.

Every conversation doesn't have to be an hour-long Zoom session. Texting your family members can go a long way, according to Tzvi Odzer. Sending a message when you're thinking of them in the morning or when you come across a funny article that reminds you of them is a quick way to stay connected. Tzvi Odzer recommends trying to respond to texts from family members within a day or so - it shows them that they're a priority to you, even if you're busy.

Lastly, Tzvi Odzer recommends always taking advantage of any chances that you do have to be together. Prioritizing family reunions, trips, and get-togethers (when these traditions can be enjoyed safely) are important. Talking about upcoming times when you'll be together can also be a great topic of conversation when you're working on talking with someone who is far away and may live in a world that is quite different from your own. While traveling can be costly, the memories made by spending time with family are priceless.

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