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Ducks Unlimited Canada Celebrates Renewal of Partnership with Province of Ontario

New program will protect Great Lakes and support municipalities with stormwater management

Barrie, Ont., Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) celebrates an announcement by the Province of Ontario, which renews our longstanding conservation partnership. The Wetlands Conservation Partner Program will provide $6 million this year for wetland projects in the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie drainage basins.

This is a meaningful commitment to wetland conservation that will help restore natural infrastructure directly on the landscape, while contributing to the economy with green jobs that support COVID-19 recovery. DUC can get to work right away with a suite of fully scoped conservation projects for implementation in priority regions.

The new program builds on decades of teamwork and mutual respect that have helped us deliver thousands of wetland restoration projects across the province since 1974. We continue to restore and maintain habitat projects collaboratively with our funding and delivery partners.

Restoring Ontario’s natural infrastructure

DUC’s science-based approach to wetland conservation directs our on-the-ground activities, resulting in healthy, resilient landscapes that support waterfowl, wildlife and people, including endangered species such as turtles and wetland-dependent birds.

Wetlands are power players on the landscape, filtering sediment and helping to recharge groundwater, sequester carbon and reduce flood damage from storm and melt events. Our research shows that restored wetlands are phosphorus sinks, capturing nutrients before they move downstream to raise the risk of dangerous algal blooms. We’ve also learned that the natural flood-management services of wetlands are a cost-effective complement to traditional infrastructure built to protect communities from floods. All while providing sustainable green spaces and beautiful wildlife for nearby communities to enjoy.

Large-scale wetland restoration can reverse the downward trend of habitat loss and even turn it around to a net gain on the landscape.


“This exciting commitment by the Province of Ontario provides Ducks Unlimited Canada with an opportunity to restore natural infrastructure on the landscape and contribute to resiliency and green jobs at a scale that is unprecedented for us in Ontario. We are ready to get to work and support healthy wetland habitats, clean rivers and lakes, and communities with natural climate buffers.” Lynette Mader, Manager of Provincial Operations Ontario, Ducks Unlimited Canada



Ducks Unlimited Canada delivers wetland conservation that benefits every Canadian. We keep the water in your lakes and rivers clean. We protect your community from the effects of flood and drought. We save wildlife and special natural places. We use science to find solutions to the most important environmental issues of the day and we collaborate with people who are helping create a healthier world. The wetlands we save aren’t just for ducks; they’re for all of us.


Joanne Barbazza
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Lynette Mader
Ducks Unlimited Canada