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Gooroo Initiates Innovative Online Instructional Platform During Lockdown

New York, USA, Nov. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gooroo, a subscription-based educational technological company, has launched an online platform that provides dynamic and challenging on-demand courses. The main objective of Gooroo is to make high quality education accessible for all to promote a love of lifelong learning. 

With the coronavirus pandemic causing indefinite school closures, children across the country have turned to alternate resources to study outside the classroom. Temporary remote arrangements range from online classroom tools like Google Classroom, to Zoom and podcasts by teachers. While parents and guardians adjust to this new scenario, it’s especially important to help children focus on learning instead of games, social media, and passive entertainment.

Gooroo courses offer cutting edge technology to solve the problems of this fractured education system. The platform provides personalized tutor matches, exceptional online courses, and expert educational resources. 

Beyond the unlimited access subscription, students can request one-on-one instruction with their favorite teachers for a personalized experience. Gooroo’s unique approach brings a new dimension to the online learning process, providing an opportunity for students to experience social connectedness and community through tangible assignments and review. Students can learn in a relaxed environment while their mentor directly monitors their progress and inspires each student. 

"The goal of our matching algorithm is to ensure that students are paired with the tutor who will best meet their needs for a particular subject," says Scott Lee, Gooroo's Founder and CEO.

"We vet all of our tutors to ensure that they can teach the subject well, but this isn't the only thing that matters in creating a positive learning experience. Successful tutoring requires good relationships, and that means there needs to be a meaningful connection between students and tutors."

"We find that if we can match students with tutors who have similar interests and personality types, they are more likely to form a meaningful bond," Lee explains. "This helps the students become more engaged with their learning experience so they can achieve lasting improvement to their academic performance."

Want to practice singing or Adobe Photoshop? How about learning how to play the guitar or master Barre? With Gooroo Courses, the users will have access to more than 1000 courses and thousands of hours of content from various fields.  It has a collection of curated video content produced by professionals, educators, and specialists covering academics, arts, lifestyle, and personal development. New content is added almost every day, and subscribers can access content at any time, from anywhere. 

Gooroo also offers premium services like proctored in-person tests and college admissions counseling. They guarantee effective learning tools such as timely session recaps, learning style tracking, and soft skill analysis. 

Gooroo Courses provides access to high-quality content from professionals around the world, a solution to the ever-growing problem of COVID-induced disrupted schooling and poor educational infrastructure. It is specifically designed to promote learning for all, as one subscription is donated to an underserved community for every purchased subscription. Every time someone buys a subscription, they are instantly giving back to their community and providing crucial educational resources to those who need it most.

About Gooroo 

Founded in 2015, Gooroo is an educational technology company that provides synchronous and asynchronous environments to enhance the web based learning experience.  They believe high quality education should be accessible for all. Gooroo aims to achieve tangible growth and inspire a love of learning, expanding student commitment, improving results, and building retention.  

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