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The Golden Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin

The Golden St. Basil Vasilopita Coin

Golden Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin Front and Back Images

Saint Basil Vasilopita Coin Front and Back

Golden St. Basil Vasilopita Coin Size Comparison

Golden St. Basil Vasilopita Coin Size Comparison

Finding a Gold Coin in a slice of cake is a lasting memory not only for the Greeks, but for all those who practice Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

A Keepsake Gift that is so unique and stunningly beautiful, it surprises everyone that it costs less than 15 dollars.”
— Elias Papadeas
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 / -- Finding the Gold Coin in a slice of the cake is a lasting memory of family and sharing, not only for the Greeks, but for all Christian Orthodox.

The practice of gratitude gives meaning to Thanksgiving (thanks & giving), Christmas, and New Year festivities.

The Greek Orthodox Custom of the Vasilopita, as well as the Lucky Coin for the New Year is a 1,600 year-old tradition shared by over 220 million Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide. The term Vasilopita (pronounced as vaa-see-low-pee-ta) when translated from Greek, means "Saint Basil Cake", and this year it can be elevated with a stunningly beautiful Gold Coin as a keepsake for the lucky winner.

Now, for a limited time, this beautiful coin is available from in an impressive display case with the brief History, the Gold Coin, and a Favorite Vasilopita Cake Recipe, a gift all Greek Orthodox will cherish, as well as anyone wishing to thank someone with a truly unique gift.

The tale of the Eastern Orthodox custom of the Vasilopita Bread with the lucky coin inside, begins in Asia Minor, which included parts of the modern countries of Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Israel and Lebanon, all influenced by Ancient Greek culture.

St. Basil the Great was born in 330AD, became a Bishop, and later a Saint, his having 9 other siblings, his firsthand knowledge about family, sharing, and selflessness was ingrained. Basil earned the title of "Great" and was among the giants of the very early Christian Church, battling church corruption, assisting victims of drought, starvation, and fearlessly denouncing the wicked, by excommunicating those involved in the extensive prostitution of the time.

When a tyrant King threatened to destroy the city of Caesarea, after looting the citizen's valuables, Bishop Basil successfully appealed to him in returning their possessions. The Bishop was now faced with the difficult task of a fair method to return these valuables, so he decided to distribute bread to the people, with a gold coin in every loaf. Basil the Great dispersed the bread to all residents of the city. Everyone was thankful, but much more surprised when every household that cut into the bread discovered a gold coin inside. It was a unique method which brought individuals delight and blessings to all.

Ever since then, the Vasilopita has become an annual Christian tradition, where on Christmas, or the first day of the New Year, aptly named "Saint Basil's Day", the faithful cut the bread with anticipation, to find the coin that is said to bring the lucky one winner, true blessings throughout the year.

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St Basil Vasilopita Coin