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Acclaimed Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur Patrick Bieleny Spotlighted in Exclusive Interview with Kivo Daily

Patrick Bieleny, an acclaimed real estate investor and entrepreneur has been spotlighted in a new exclusive interview with Kivo Daily.

CALGARY, ALBERT, CANADA, November 18, 2020 / -- Patrick Bieleny is pleased to announce that he has been featured in an exclusive interview with Kivo Daily. Kivo is one of the world’s most popular and respected digital platforms, which offers original and timely content that primarily focuses on business, entrepreneurship and thought leadership.

The wide-ranging interview with Patrick Bieleny — who is also known as the “house flipping guru” — covered topics such as what he loves most about his job, what keeps him motivated, what advice he would give those new to the real estate investing field, and why his father is his most important and influential role model.

“[My father] moved us to Canada and made tremendous sacrifices — including working 12-hour shifts in the construction field — so that our family could have a better life,” commented Patrick Bieleny, who currently heads PB & Co. Houses. “Today, I am proud to say that I get my extremely strong work ethic from my father, as well my do-it-yourself attitude.”

In the interview Patrick Bieleny also discussed how he maintains work-life balance, and what traits enable him to be a successful and visionary leader. With respect to the former, he credits his professional, hard-working, and highly skilled team for allowing him to occasionally take a break from work without worrying that chaos will erupt at the office or job sites. And with respect to the latter, he feels that his lifelong ability to constantly learn new things, stay open minded, and focus on solutions instead of problems enables him to lead and inspire others.

“When you stop learning then you stop growing, and if you stop growing then success becomes impossible,” commented Patrick Bieleny. “The only direction in life is forward…all kinds of issues and challenges arise in the house flipping industry, and if you can’t adjust and rapidly find intelligent solutions then you’ll not only lose a lot of money, but you’ll get overwhelmed and burned out. Don’t try to do everything yourself and have all of the answers — that’s simply not possible. You need a great team around you, which is something that I am fortunate to have at PB & Co. Houses.”

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About Patrick Bieleny

Patrick Bieleny is an accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Calgary, Alberta who specializes in house flipping. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Business Management, Patrick moved to Calgary where he bought his first investment property: a condo townhouse just outside of the city. After renovating and reselling the property, Patrick started on a journey that has seen him become an acclaimed “house-flipping guru.” These days, Patrick is the head of PB & Co. Houses, which since launching has grown substantially in both size and profitability.

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