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Mike Ionita Featured in Kivo Daily Interview

Mike Ionita is now sharing his expertise, motivations and approach to leadership in a new interview with Kivo Daily.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA, November 17, 2020 / -- Mike Ionita was just featured in an interview with Kivo Daily, a global digital media, technology and brand-building company, with a primary focus on business, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership. As the Founder and Creative Director of Crux Video Game Design, Mike Ionita shares inspiration, motivation, and lessons learned in this new in-depth interview.

Mike Ionita discovered his passion for animation, design, and storytelling when he was three years old, but only discovered his ambition to run his own business later in life: “I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible in my industry, and the only way I felt I was able to do that was through creating my own business. Founding Crux Video Game Design has allowed me to bring ideas I had as a child to live as an adult—it’s an incredible experience.”

Mike Ionita works with a tightly knit team, even during COVID. Kivo Daily asked Mike how he motivates his team, and he cites positive reinforcement as his most effective tool: “My last Creative Director used to have quarterly ‘check-ins’—or ‘peer assessments’ as she would call them. She would ask everyone to write down what they thought one another did very well, and what they thought one another needed to improve upon. Unlike other leaders I had encountered in the past, she joyfully took part in the activity. Motivating others starts with motivating yourself.” Mike Ionita also cites trusting his team to their jobs as a way to motivate others.

While you might expect Mike Ionita to have it all figured out, the one piece of advice his gives to others tells a different story: “No one knows what they’re doing, so don’t worry so much. I used to think that everyone was walking around with a ‘how-to’ guide to life, but the truth is, we are all just flying by the seat of our pants. Everyone who has ever achieved greatness didn’t know what they were doing at one point or another.”

About Mike Ionita

Mike Ionata is the Creative Director and Founder of Crux Game Design located in Vancouver, British Columbia. After graduating from the Vancouver Film School, Mike worked for multiple animation studios in the area which inspired him to start producing his own storylines and content. Excited by the creative freedom, Mike Ionita founded Crux Game Design. Crux Game Design produces video games for clients, as well as original content exclusive to their growing online community. With their first game being downloaded over 250,000 times within the first week, Mike Ionita and Crux Game Designs show no signs of slowing down.

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