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George Kouris Still Making a Difference 16 Years Later

For more than 16 years, George Kouris Chicago doctor, teacher, and family man has been making a difference in the lives he touches.

HINSDALE, ILLINOIS, USA, November 16, 2020 / -- It started a long time ago for George Kouris Chicago suburbian, and native Illinois son. Professionally, it has been 16 years that he has been helping others. It has been 16 years that he has strived to be the George Kouris Chicago residents, and those from all over Illinois have come to recognize and know as a man who makes a difference. The truth is, however, it has been much longer than 16 years.

How many years of schooling does it take, how many hours of labs, classes, training, and focus does it require before being licensed as an MD? The short answer is a lot. Yes, George Kouris has been at this for quite some time, but he is also making a difference in more than the lives of the patients he helps. While it is true that he is the same George Kouris Chicago has known as a respected plastic surgery specialist, he is so much more.

Not only has Dr. George Kouris made a difference for his patients, but he has also had an impact on his students. That's right, teacher George Kouris Chicago med students might say, or more accurately, professor Kouris. In fact, he spent nearly ten years as an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center. 

So some might say that George Kouris Chicago doctor and specialist has made a difference, and they would be right. Others might also accurately refer to him as George Kouris Chicago Professor of medicine and a man who made a difference. And they too would be correct, but there is also one other George who has also made a big difference.

Behind the doctor, behind the teacher, is simply George Kouris Chicago family man. Although that may be easy to say, there is nothing simple about being the father of a 20, 18, 15, and 13-year-old. And it is probably that title, George Kouris Chicago father of four and happily married husband, of which he is most proud.

This is George Kouris Chicago Illinois' own, and a man who has made a lifetime of making a difference in the lives of others, and he isn't done yet. With a new practice and the beginning of the second half and twilight of his career on the horizon, this doctor, teacher, and father is looking forward to many more experiences. And the chances are good that he'll be making a difference 16 years from now too.

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