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The Top Ten Women in Property Making a Difference

/EIN News/ -- London, United Kingdom, Nov. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For those looking to diversify their investment portfolio, real estate is more often than not one of the first places to look - after all it is an age-old tool for building generational wealth. The real estate industry has been booming over the past decade, with the future looking bright for those in the know of exactly where, when and what to invest in. According to Two Comma PR, if you want to know what it really takes to make it in the world of property investing, you need to look no further. Each with their own unique skill set and area of expertise, we present the 10 women in property who are making a difference in their niche.

Radhika Shah - @radhika_allaboutproperty 

Radhika’s parents and grandparents ran successful businesses and , being an entrepreneur runs in Radhika Shah’s blood. Upon graduating and travelling abroad, Radhika found that when she returned home she didn’t quite know what she wanted to do with her career. After stumbling into a sales job completely different from what she studied, it took Radhika only a couple months to think about delving into property when she attended one day training course. “I bought my first property at the age of 23, and from this experience, I knew I wanted to create a business,” says Radhika. After sharing her successes behind the purchase of her first property, Radhika discovered her aunts Alka and Minel were also on their own property journey and building their portfolio. Given their close relationship, the three of them decided to create Your Cosy Home – a family business to help accelerate their portfolios. “I was inspired by my parents as they were in business full-time together and how easily they got on as they had exceptional communications skills which was unique as they could separate both personal and business” says Radhika. “We believe that our business is a unique way to support our family and friends as they have been supportive in our journey and continue to do so,” she states. Your Cosy Home provides high-quality, contemporary and affordable accommodation to meet the growing demand for rental properties. Already acquiring their first property, the company plans to continue acquiring properties and providing high-standard rental properties for millennials and professionals.

Alaine Bradbury @alaine_propertyqueen 

With over 17 years of extensive experience in the property industry, Alaine Bradbury provides a fresh and friendly approach to the property market. Her company, Alaine Bradbury Investments, aims to provide the best knowledge and customer service to help clients with all of their property needs. Specialising in property deal sourcing, Alaine sources properties for an affordable fee. “My service is bespoke,” Alaine says, “it's just me finding you the right property exclusively for you, no mailing list, with no pressure to pay deposits, and no other investor competition. I use my local knowledge of Greater Manchester and 17 years’ worth of property connections with a focus to find off-market properties.” Alaine’s property sourcing service is tailored to each individual client, and she works closely with them throughout the journey of the sourcing and investment cycles to take the stress of tough decisions off their plate, allowing them to get on with their own priorities. Life priorities tend to drive women's financial decisions and, according to research, women have a habit of putting their family first and themselves last, resulting in prioritising day-to-day household financial decisions rather than long-term investment decisions. “It is my purpose to be a property companion, to help women eliminate any self-doubt when making huge investment decisions,” Alaine states, “I pride myself on building and developing a strong relationship and friendship that is focussed on trust and respect.”

Trisha Pegg - @trishapegg1 

Meet business coach, millionaire property developer and trainer Trisha Pegg. Raised on the belief that ‘the harder you work, the more you will earn’, Trisha found herself living a life of long hours in the corporate world, believing that the sacrifices she was making then would bring about a more prosperous future. Trisha quickly realised however, that the hard work she was putting in the corporate world only served to make her boss richer, not herself! Realising this, as well as becoming very aware of the declining time she was able to spend with her 3 children, Trisha knew she had to make a serious lifestyle change. With the support of her business partner, Mark, Trisha started down the path self-discovery and personal development with the aim of discovering her true purpose in life. With an untapped passion for property, Trisha decided she should pursue property education to discover how she could create affordable housing using a ‘no money down’ strategy. With skills developed from her time in the corporate world, Trisha used her own lead generation and relationship-building skills along with Mark’s sales talent to create a property portfolio that enabled her to become financially free in just 12 months, using none of her own money. In just under 3 years, Trisha had created a property portfolio over £8 million, £8 million in project management portfolio growth and creating Real Life Group – a coaching, mentoring and training business that enables people to create financial freedom from property using her own portfolio creation strategies. 

Stephanie Taylor - @stephanietproperty

Stephanie Taylor is Co-Founder of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success with her sister Nicky. HMO Heaven is an award-winning HMO management and development company in Wales. They also buy and develop their own portfolio of multi-unit blocks, HMOs and commercial units with a focus on creating beautiful, affordable homes people love to live in. As a teenage mum, Stephanie struggled financially and dealt with feelings of shame and low self-worth for many years until a life-changing moment a few years ago changed her path to property. I wish I’d started years ago and now I’m passionate about sharing what we know with others who would love to get started in property and escape the 9-5 but feel they don’t have enough money to get started. Stephanie & Nicky launched Rent 2 Rent Success to inspire others to ‘believe bigger, become bolder and be gamechangers for good’. “We teach people the ethical way to make money from properties they don’t own. There is a simple way to make a good living that doesn’t take 40 hours a week and 40 weeks of every year for over 40 years”, Stephanie says. Stephanie debunks the myth that you need large sums of money to get started in property through her inspirational Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast and Rent 2 Rent Success YouTube channel and has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur and The Telegraph. Her book, Rent to Rent Success – The Ethical Way to Make Money from Property Without Buying it will be published in early 2021. 

Dolapo Oni - @propertymomuk 

Dolapo Oni is on a mission to empower the next generation of female property investors by debunking the myth that you need a huge deposit to get started in property investing.

Having delved into the world of property investing 12 years ago, Dolapo quit her consulting job in the city just 2 years later to focus on pursuing her passion for property investing full time. She is the Founder and CEO of Citygate Homes, Citygate Property Development. Once featured bidding on homes under the hammer on BBC, Dolapo’s expertise lies in buying undervalued and distressed properties at auction and then transforming them to unlock their real value. She has now set up a fully integrated development and property services company that provides a one stop shop for investors and buyers ranging from buying high-end properties, decor and property management. As a busy mum, she even finds time to host a podcast called Property Mom to showcase how you can earn multiple streams of income through property investing and coaches people wanting to achieve the same. She has successfully invested in London properties and built up a multimillion pound family owned portfolio, consisting mainly of a mix of strategies including luxury serviced accommodation and single-let homes.Currently she is embarking upon larger scale development projects ranging from commercial conversions to land builds. Dolapo is a woman who definitely walks the path that she talks.

Jo Jamison da Silva - Facebook: @JoJamisondaSilva 

Meet Jo Jamison da Silva, property investor and direct-to-vendor expert. A serial entrepreneur with several start-ups under her belt, Jo now owns and operates Flex Property Lead Generation and hosts the monthly Blackfriars Property Investors Network Meeting. It was only when Jo and her husband started renting out their spare room on Airbnb (and sleeping on a fold out floor mattress themselves) that they realised how easy property was to generate passive cashflow compared to the other businesses that they had set up. From then on, Jo was hooked. In 2012, Jo operated a serviced accommodation business in London from the properties that they had acquired in the capital, and over the following three years, processed over 500 individual bookings from all over the world. Since then, Jo has amassed experience in single lets, HMOs, serviced accommodation, refurbs and lead generation. Flex Property Lead Generation is a fully managed lead generation service for new investors wanting to generate off-market HMO property leads by connecting them with landlords looking to exit the property market. Flex Property Lead Generation strives to create an ethical win-win outcome for everyone, using their expertise in direct marketing to create marketing content to guarantee results. 

Vicki Wusche - @vicki_wusche

Named one of The Telegraph’s top 25 most influential people in property, Vicki Wusche has been investing in property for over a decade. Her drive for success stems from finding herself a single mother reliant on benefits to survive. Seeking to create a better life for herself and her daughters, Vicki kept fighting what seemed an uphill battle before realising that property was the best financial strategy to secure her family’s future. Forming Wusche Associates Limited, Vicki now offers strategic consulting to senior managers, small business owners and property investors. In recent years she has helped clients invest over £5 million pounds and purchase over 70 properties. “Two things are common for all our clients,” Vicki says. “First they have untapped cash or asset-based wealth and second, a desire to create a legacy.” Author of five books, Vicki’s focus through her latest book Amazon best seller and Business book award finalist 2020, The Wealthy Retirement Plan, is to help her clients recognise what a ‘wealthy life’ means to them and create a strategic plan to ensure their long-term financial security. By working directly with Vicki and accessing her team of industry professionals, clients gain accountability, consistency, continually challenged and supported to achieve their goals.

Janice Minihan - @minihangrp

After moving to the UK in 2014 and becoming disillusioned with the education system, former schoolteacher Janice Minihan sought to create her own financial freedom doing something she loved in her new country. In 2017, Janice left the teaching world to expand her property offering by working with investors both in the UK and abroad to provide a full-turnkey service. Having become proficient in all property strategies over the past 5 years, as well as starting and selling her own letting agency, she now wants to help others create financial freedom and passive income through property. Founding the Minihan Group, Janice is revolutionising the local property market. Taking old run-down properties in low-socio economic areas, working with local council and other stakeholders, Minihan Group brings empty properties back into use, and continues to change the landscape locally. Undertaking these projects themselves, and sourcing these types of properties for other investors, Minihan Group are excited to offer mentoring to new investors, so they too can build a portfolio ethically and sustainably. “Our mission is to teach others the process, utilise our experience and encourage people looking to make positive change not only in their own lives but to those who are in need of housing,” Janice states.

Sophie Wadlow - @sophie_wadlow 

Starting her career as an aeronautical engineer, Sophie Wadlow, always had a keen interest in property. What started as a hobby rapidly became a second occupation for Sophie, with the property market opening her eyes to the many opportunities that it continues to present. The vision of creating a self-sufficient business to free up her time soon became an unexpected necessity for Sophie, so she enrolled in her first property investment course two years ago, from which she has mainly focused on large HMO’s. Looking for to a way to also give back to others, Sophie and her partner created ACA Estates, a property development company revolved around honesty, ethics, win-win situations, and creating long-lasting relationships. ACA Estates works with a network of investors to provide luxury homes at affordable prices, whilst not forgetting the personal touches. “We know many people work away from home to provide for their families, therefore we want to create ‘homes away from home’,” says Sophie, “and we believe it is important to us personally to show appreciation to all those involved in our business. We work with several local businesses, as we feel it is of the upmost importance to support local economies”. In their first year Sophie saw the completion of three projects, and in the second the completion of a further five. Already having her next projects lined up, Sophie admits that it hasn’t come without the many challenges that a career in property is certain to encounter, not to mention an unforeseen global pandemic. Despite these challenges, Sophie states that this is still one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ventures as the business continues to grow and provide work, homes, and financial benefits with their investors.

Claudine Robertson-Smith - @claudinerobertsonsmith

3 years ago, Claudine Robertson-Smith wrote down her goal of forming her own business so that she could run from anywhere in the world. Having worked as a recruitment leader for over 12 years for several large corporations, she had always felt there was something more she could achieve to give herself and her family more financial freedom. 

Skilled at coaching others, Claudine put this and her newfound love of property investing together to form Properties with Heart. Properties with Heart is all about helping families rise into better living conditions, and put the HEART back into property. They deliver amazing luxury, and affordable houses and rooms for local people, sometimes working alongside social care providers to offer housing for those that need it most. “Having bought my first property 3 years ago, I now have just over 20 properties in 5 different UK locations, which together have enabled me to step out of my corporate career 18 months ago,” Claudine says.

Since then she has been able to help others transform their lives and start building their dreams. Now living her dream life in Spain with her family, Claudine will also be launching a YouTube channel this month called ‘Say Yes and Make it Happen’, where she shares how she lives that motto every day to give people the confidence to step forward into their dreams by saying yes first. 

Make sure to follow each of these amazing women as they continue to do things differently in the world of property. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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The Top 10 Women in Property Making a Difference