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Lee Otto Speaks Out on Drawing Passion from Influence and Finding Your Career Path

ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA , UNITED STATES, November 13, 2020 / -- Lee Otto, an inside and remote sales leader in Alexandria, Minnesota, spoke on the topic of drawing passion from influence and finding your career path in a recent interview with Thrive Global.

Formerly working in the sales industry, Lee Otto recently transitioned to the field of digital marketing and stepped into a position at Hibu — a leading provider of digital marketing solutions to businesses throughout the United States.

While the transition from manufacturing sales and selling equipment to his current role selling a digital product has been challenging, it’s a challenge that Lee Otto enjoys. In the recent interview, he explained that the digital product is a technological marketing platform that helps businesses acquire new customers. It focuses on the psychology of buyers and makes a business an option in the search engines while a potential customer is searching and socializing online.

Despite the digital product’s complexities that make it a challenging sale, Otto’s passion for supporting businesses’ growth through digital technology has prompted him to hone his marketing skills and drive himself towards success in his career.

In the interview, Lee Otto also advised recent graduates and young professionals stepping into a new career to remain focused on their goal, maintain a positive mindset, and push forward with ambition.

“Stay disciplined and focused, think big, and work like no one else will for five years so you can live like no one else can for the rest of your life,” he said.

“It is so important to surround yourself with a positive sphere of influence so you can ignore the negativity. Only take advice from people that have the kind of success that you want.”

But to ultimately achieve success, Lee Otto said that it all comes down to drive and discipline, while remaining teachable, coachable, and open to learn.

“Either a person wants to or they don’t want to. It is doing the life reps and being disciplined to do what it takes. Being driven is #1. Being disciplined is #2 to follow through with your goals,” he shared.

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About Lee Otto

Lee Otto is an inside and remote sales leader located in Alexandria, Minnesota, entrusted to support, guide, and advocate client success through extensive customizable marketing solutions. Previously, he was involved with manufacturing sales, selling equipment, but he has recently transitioned into digital marketing and is working for Hibu, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions to businesses throughout the United States. Lee attended Century College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he was working toward an A.A. in Interpersonal Communication.

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