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Accenture, Splunk, and Others Back Baseline Protocol for Public Blockchains

Chainlink, Morpheus.Network, Nethermind, Provide, and Unibright Also Sponsor Baseline Open Source Project

We’re seeing a groundswell of excitement for using the Baseline method, as more and more organizations and developers realize the simplicity and security it offers”
— OASIS Open Executive Director, Guy Martin

BOSTON, MA, US, November 9, 2020 / -- Industry leaders across the globe are coming together to support the new Baseline Protocol, part of the Ethereum OASIS open source initiative. The Baseline Protocol defines a method for using the Ethereum Mainnet or other public blockchains to coordinate complex, confidential workflows between enterprises--without moving company data out of traditional systems of record. In today’s announcement, Accenture, Chainlink, Morpheus.Network, Nethermind, Provide, Splunk, and Unibright join Baseline’s founding sponsors, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Ethereum Foundation, and ConsenSys.

"We’re seeing a groundswell of excitement for using the Baseline method, as more and more organizations and developers realize the simplicity and security it offers," said Guy Martin, executive director of OASIS Open, the nonprofit consortium that hosts the project. "The support of Accenture, Splunk, and all the other Baseline sponsors shows how ready the market is for a low-cost blockchain solution that doesn’t compromise data integrity and that can be used by everyone."

Support for Baseline

"Our clients have significant operational demands of multiparty systems like blockchain," said Michael Klein, director of blockchain technology at Accenture. "We continue to see innovations in and around blockchain technologies that are rising to meet those demands. For Accenture, the notable work happening around the Baseline Protocol is an example of the next wave of evolution in this space. We see tremendous potential in the Baseline Protocol’s ability to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of privately-held assets— providing ‘double-spend’ protection without compromising confidentiality—and believe this will expand the applicability of blockchain technology to a broader range of enterprise use cases."

"As a founding sponsor to the Ethereum OASIS Open Project, the EEA is very pleased to see global leaders rallying around the Baseline Protocol to drive Mainnet business use cases," said EEA Executive Director Dan Burnett, the Ethereum OASIS Open Project Governing Board Chair. "Baseline is enabling the Ethereum Mainnet to be a new tool for enterprise solution development from automation, business integration, finance to supply chain and sustainability efforts. EEA members alongside the EEA Mainnet Working Group will continue to collaborate on how tools like Baseline can deliver value to consumer-facing industries through peer-to-peer transactions and services."

"Morpheus.Network is really pleased to be a sponsor of the Baseline Protocol! Baseline is an ideal complement to our supply chain SaaS middleware platform. One common challenge within the supply chain industry is encouraging the open flow of communication and information to help facilitate the movement of goods around the world, while balancing that with the need to keep sensitive and confidential information strictly private. Baseline enables this flow of information by allowing companies to use the data in their existing databases and ERP systems, and ensure that it remains synchronized and consistent with other third-party databases, in a completely private way while using the always-on, distributed, censorship-resistant and tamperproof Ethereum mainnet as a common frame of reference," said Noam Eppel, Morpheus.Network Co-Founder & COO.

"Nethermind is proud to be a sponsor of the OASIS Open Project alongside industry peers. As maintainers of, and the first Ethereum client embracing Baseline, we are excited that the solutions delivered by Nethermind and Provide enable rapid adoption, allowing enterprises to reinforce their integrations with the unique notarization capabilities and liveness of the Ethereum mainnet. There has never been a better time for enterprises to harness its power, nor has the mainnet ever been as ready as it is now." said Tomasz Stańczak, Nethermind Founder & CTO.

"The dawn of the Data Age has created monumental business and societal shifts, while forcing businesses to digitize faster than ever before," said Nate McKervey, Head of Blockchain and DLT, Splunk. "Data is no longer a nice to have, it’s an essential component of nearly every business worldwide. Organizations that can confidently synchronize their data in real-time and empower themselves through their data insights will leap ahead. The Baseline Protocol enables automation of business processes by leveraging data in new or traditional systems while maintaining integrity and confidentiality. This unlocks data in ways previously impossible, which coincides with Splunk’s vision of helping organizations turn data into doing."

About Baseline and Ethereum OASIS

Baseline is part of Ethereum OASIS, an OASIS Open Project that provides a neutral forum for supporting open source projects and specifications that advance interoperability for blockchain applications worldwide. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Baseline Protocol, and suggestions for new Ethereum OASIS projects are encouraged.

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