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The New PIVX website

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PIVX, the privacy-pioneering proof-of-stake blockchain announces a new comprehensive website showcasing its significant developments since launching in 2016.


PIVX has greatly evolved the cryptocurrency realm, being a gold standard for proof of stake development and a pioneer in privacy-preserving financial transactions since its inception in 2016.”
— Jay Kim, Director of Business Development

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The new website, developed with insights from community members, involves PIVX updating its brand with a refreshed logo and visual imagery, and an elevated focus for its product offerings including an on-chain treasury voting system, cold staking, tier 2 masternodes, and more. The platform’s cryptocurrency PIV remains under ticker symbol PIVX.

PIVX ambassador and lead director of business development Jay “Jakiman” Kim said:
“The PIVX project has greatly evolved the cryptocurrency realm, being a gold standard for proof of stake development as well as a pioneer in privacy since its inception nearly 5 years ago. It is now time to expand the brand and website to more accurately reflect the high caliber of development as we promote the fundamental human right of privacy world globally. What was initially designed as a simple privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a more expansive ecosystem and pioneer of rights persevering functions. The PIVX brand completely embodies our technically-innovative capabilities and the sentiments of our community — we are the standard visionary for proof of stake privacy in which people can rely on, and to whom they can belong, participate, and support.”

The new website enables easier access to PIVX’s real-life uses beyond peer-to-peer transactions using the PIVX cryptocurrency, such as privacy-preserving and censorship-resistant communications, the ability to generate basic income through ownership of PIV, and in the future access to a voting system designed to let community members vote on issues in continuation of PIVX’s growth. The website also highlights the growing network of alliance members with PIVX, through which new integrations and ecosystem infrastructure is being built. Other features like robust staking and masternode reward calculators, as well as a brand new economics white paper, are new features individuals can expect to enjoy.

PIVX’s Global Ambassador Bryan “Snappy” Doreian said: “PIVX has one of the most passionate and engaged communities, which is one of our greatest strengths. While the core developers have continued to excel at developing the PIVX blockchain, I’m very happy that the development of the PIVX website included feedback from countless individuals that have been part of the project since inception, as well as many more who have become passionate PIVIANS along the way. PIVX has an incredible track record of pioneering and delivering success. This new website for PIVX encompasses our capability and commitment to continue that growth in many ways. This expanded website encompasses our unlimited capability to deliver new product offerings, improve our platform for alliance members to build with while enabling personal freedom and liberty using PIVX’s core technological privacy features.”

The PIVX website and brand expansion was supported entirely by the PIVX DAO and community. Extensive research with the community including stakers, node operators, investors, and developers, led to the new positioning, messaging, and visual website for the project. The quality of work and development of the new site is reflective of the PIVX community, as the entirety of the website was designed, planned, built, framed, and put together collectively by dozens of individuals who are involved actively with PIVX.

PIVX, which at its core is a project and community built for and by people. These individuals are passionate, forward-thinking, and visionary, and whose mission is to promote responsible privacy in every aspect of theirs, and anyone who joins, lives.

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