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Over 100 firearms destroyed in Huila

Lubango, ANGOLA, November 1 - At least 101 firearms of various calibers out of 634 collected during a coercive manner from the civilian population by the provincial technical disarmament subcommittee, in the last three years in southern Huila province, have been destroyed in Lubango city by The Halo Trust. ,

The destruction of the war material is part of the commemorations of the international day of disarmament marked on October 23 under the slogan "Conscious believers, disarm their minds".


The destroyed weapons include AKM, KT, Canhangulos, CZ model, rifles, G3, two Mouzers, SKS, shotguns, Sterling’s, RPK, SZD, RPD, Popsher, PKM, Mortars 120 mm, RPG7 and Minimauzer.


From 2008 to the present date, the U.S. non-governmental organization The Hallo Trust has destroyed more than 120,000 weapons of various calibers in the provinces of Huila, Bié, Benguela and Huambo.


Speaking at the material destruction ceremony, the organization's supervisor, Marcolino Tomás Lussati, said that another 100 weapons will be destroyed, out of the 528, and 5,398 ammunitions and 3,607 loaders that are in an obsolete state.


According to him, the collection and destruction of weapons of various types is the fruit of the hard work that has been done by the provincial technical subcommittee for disarmament in Huila.


He said that, on the other hand, the population has been contributing to the denunciation and collection of weapons in the possession of the civilian population.