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Block-Education Sets Out On The Path of Introducing Blockchain in Curriculums of Higher Education

Paris, France, Oct. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Education about blockchain technology is necessary to create the professionals of tomorrow, and being a leader in the industry Block-Education is now taking some crucial steps in that direction. The French blockchain education company has now decided to join hands with various business schools and universities for developing blockchain education programs and courses that can help professionals understand the potential of this revolutionary technology. As more colleges and universities join hands with them, Blockchain-aware professionals trained through their programs will be available soon in the French industry. 

The main highlight of blockchain technology is that it puts all data on a distributed, immutable ledger; thus making it tamper-proof. In many cases it allows data to be put on the ledger without any human intervention, thus further boosting the credibility of data. That has made blockchain a hit for many different use-cases in all industries. 

About Block-Education

It’s not hidden from anyone that blockchain technology is probably the most important invention of the last few decades. It has a lot of potential to completely change the way things are done right now in all major industries by eliminating middlemen, improving efficiency, and increasing security. Many experts who understand it and the scope of its applications have already started calling it the source of the next major revolution after the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Revolution. 

Therefore, as more and more organizations operating in both private as well as public sector adopt this technology, it’s important for every new professional being created in our institutes and universities to be aware of it. 

Keeping that in mind two Frenchmen named Guillaume Micouin and Vladimir Denis decided to start Block-Education. Both of them have been involved in the field of blockchain technology for more than a decade, so they truly understand its growth potential and how it can revolutionize our world. The courses created by the Block-Education stand at the intersection of technicality and practical understanding. What it means is that professionals who take their courses will not only be able to understand how blockchain and DLT work but also put them to use for various purposes by thinking of possible use-cases.

Block-Education has also created a number of different curriculums on blockchain for different industries. For example, the applications of this technology in the field of Finance vary from its application in the field of Supply chain. So they’ve created separate curriculums for professionals of both industries. Same goes for other industries too.  

That’s not all - Block-Education is setting an example by putting the certificates of each of their learners on a blockchain. They’ve partnered with BCdiploma, the leading company in the education market,  for this functionality, which will allow them to provide tamper-proof blockchain-based certification for all of their learners. 

Block-Education has also kept its pricing flexible instead of fixing a price tag on each of their curriculums. That is because they aim to create customized courses for each and every industry based on their requirements. If you want to know the prices of their courses, you can contact them from their official website

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