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Coal Mining 101 - A Guide by JHM Group

Director JHM Group - Md. Humayan Kabir

Coal Mining Process

BoD's of JHM Group

High capital costs involved in the mining industry makes it vulnerable to volatility. The industrial production and economic growth drives the demand

DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 21, 2020 / -- The industrial production and economic growth drives the demand both for domestic and foreign markets. High capital costs involved in the mining industry makes it vulnerable to volatility. Rather than cost reduction and process improvement plans, the miners must aim for sustainable business environment. They might look forward to fully integrate the production and trading operations to generate rich end value and better price controlling.
Mining Industry Challenges

From JHM Group experience, here’s some the key mining challenges commonly faced by the organizations

1. Due vast geographical presence, mining company’s process are hampered by non-integrated and different kind of business systems
2. Issues with consolidating processes and reducing the company’s global shared service costs
3. Lack of system landscape optimization
4. Employees facing challenges in quickly sharing and retrieving real time information, and ability to make timely decisions
5. Process complexity in incorporating mergers or acquisitions.
6. Increase in Commodity Values, Cost inflation, skill shortages
7. Resource nationalization and securing financing

Various Business Process involved in Ore Processing. JHM group follows industries’ best practices when it comes to coal mining. Here’re the key business processes involved mining coal ore.

1. The initial step is to conduct a site survey and geological benchmarking, where several rounds of chemical tests and QA Tests are performed to ensure that the ore grade is commercially viable

2. Once the quality of the ore is has passed the assessment, drilling and blasting is carried out followed by transporting the ore lumps to the crushing site by using excavators and wheel loaders

3. The large blocks of Ore are crushed into small lumps. The crushing takes place in multiple stages which involves
a. Primary Crushing
b. Secondary Crushing
c. Tertiary Crushing

4. After each Crushing Process, there is Screening Process to separate the specific order from Non-specific Material and few additives like Binding Agents and Cleaning Agents are mixed during the process. In the final Stage of Screening, i.e., Pre-Loading stage, the Ore lumps are segregated according to their sizes.

5. Large Conveyor Belts are used to move Crushed Ore from Screening to the stockyard where stocks are segregated based on the lump size. Once done, they are transported to port stockyard for shipment

6. Reclaimer or bucket wheel excavator is used to transport the ore stacks to SILOS and then they are unloaded into freight trains
Mining Solution @ JHM Group

Over the years, JHM group have streamlined the processes through systematic and integrated solutions to overcome the most commonly occurring challenges in the coal mining industry. Here are some of the key processes which JHM group has adopted and mapped with the digital solutions

• Sales & Distribution
• Material Management
• Production Planning
• Shipping and Transportation Planning
• Logistics Management
• Quality Management
• Plant Maintenance
• Environment and Health Safety

Business Benefits

1. Efficient Cost Management by accurate capture of production cost across operational processes and production data
2. Improved sales efficiencies by automatic price calculation & capturing price fluctuations
3. Improved handling and consistent information right from the procurement to plant maintenance.
4. Efficient management of Purchasing, Sales & transportation
5. Better manage operational safety and compliance

JHM Group of Companies was established in 2007 with the formation of Bharat Marble & Sonar Bangla Hotel in Umarpur, Murshidabad. The company’s chairman, Mohammad Mehedi Hasan is one of the key mentors of the group, along with his brothers, Mohammad Humayan Kabir and Mohammed Jahangir Alam, who were instrumental in shaping JHM group into one of the top business empires in India and Bangladesh.

After only two years since its establishment in Bangladesh, JHM International has imported more than 1.15 million tons of coal. The table below briefly summarises last year’s acquired coal, with respect to the country of origin, respective mines, vessels and the weight in metric tons imported by JHM International:

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