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President ensures existence of budget for new hospitals

Saurimo, ANGOLA, October 18 - Angolan President João Lourenço guaranteed Saturday existing budget to ensure the efficient operation of the health facilities recently built in the country in order to avoid their collapse.,

The Head of State was speaking to the press at the end of inauguration ceremony of two hospital units in Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province, adding that "it is not enough just to build but we need to maintain them.


“Maintaining the health infrastructure entails a budget and we will take them care . We will not let them drop”, stressed the president.

According to João Lourenço, this guarantee is not only for the General Hospital and the Provincial Maternity Hospital of Lunda Sul, inaugurated this Saturday, but for all “those that we have been opening recently in the country".  

The Head of State said there is a confidence that they are inaugurated, are opened, made available to the population and therefore there must be a budget so that they do not go into decline.  

He stressed the importance of the start-up of the Lunda Sul General and Maternity Hospital, not only for the province, but also for the other eastern regions of the country, namely for Lunda Norte and Moxico.

Therefore, he appealed to health professionals and the population to take care of  the infrastructures they have just won.

"This was done to serve the people. We want healthy citizens, we can’t think of the economic and social development of our country unless we have healthy people," said the Head of State.  

Regarding the social situation in the province of Lunda Sul, he argued that like other parts of the country, the problems are almost the same, but they  are being gradually resolved.  

"We must recognise that, despite the Covid-19 crisis, much has been done to improve the social conditions of the populations" said the president, who acknowledged that there is still much to be done.


 "We will continue to work and continue to fight to alleviate, more and more, the difficulties that the Angolan people are going through", stressed the head of Executive.

In this trip to the province of Lunda Sul, President João Lourenço also visited the works of the diamond development hub.


In his State-of-the-National Speech, delivered recently, Joao Lourenço made reference to that project (diamond development hub).  

The president promised to return to Lunda Sul within seven months to inaugurate the aforementioned diamond enterprise.  

The construction works of Lunda Sul Provincial General Hospital and Maternity Hospital, with a capacity for 150 beds each, under the Chinese financing line cost USD 68 million (USD 34 million each).