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The Satin Crew shares footage of their road trips online

The dynamic duo love to show their private car collection

BERLIN, GERMANY, October 15, 2020 / -- The Satin Crew have been sharing short cinematic footage online of their road trips in their luxurious cars. Marco and Alexander have been showcasing their road trips on their website, but also on their social media accounts such as Instagram and Tik Tok. They have a strong follower count, especially on instagram, with over 47,000 followers sharing a mutual interest with them, which is cars.

Alexander stated that, “We love showing our cars to everyone, because it is a hobby that we’re passionate about. Our road trips are filmed in order to highlight the incredible features that our cars have and we want our supporters to be a part of our journey.”

The Satin Crew have a range of cars in their private collection from different brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, McLaren and Lamborghini. Their instagram account is filled with professional photos of their collection, along with the videos of their road trips.

Marco stated that, “We want to invite everyone to be a part of our journey and since we have a current pandemic, we want to make it virtual, so everyone can enjoy the ultimate riding experience online.”

The road trips that they have filmed so far and that they continue to film have a similar cinematic style, which usually features the car in the colour black in a cool autumn or winter location and with a neutral colour theme. It ultimately represents elegance and sophistication, with cars being a form of art. The cars in their main private colour collection are all in the colour black, creating a neat and organised theme that is coordinated.

Alexander explained that, “Everyone has their own interest and hobbies, I grew up loving cars and so did Marco. We have carried on our mutual interest by turning it into an online business, so that we can create a community with other car lovers.”

Their main collection features all types of cars, such as sports cars and SUVs. In these road trip videos they always represent the true performance that these cars are built for and also add bonus videos such as unboxing accessories that are compatible with the cars. Their aim is to motivate others and show that it’s possible to have a collection of your favourite product or hobby. They want people worldwide to be inspired to start their own collection, since it is something that can bring great joy to them.

Marco stated that, “We share a strong mutual interest with other car lovers and have built a community based on that. However, we welcome beginners to join us and buckle up for the ultimate adventure, since they will be excited with how well our vehicles perform.”

Apart from fielding their short road trips, they also generally attend car events that allow them to be entertained and watch cars that can perform at the highest speed and potential. However, this has been placed on halt with the current pandemic, but they will be able to share events with their followers in the near future.

Alexander stated that, “We look forward to sharing more car events with our community in the near future. However, we still like to keep our followers entertained with our short road trips across the country and our home. So get ready for the best driving experience you can watch, in order to get inspired.”

The Satin Crew was founded in 2019 by Marco and Alexander, who are actually father and son. The company is based in Germany, but the pair have built a global connection with car lovers worldwide. They do not sell products, but they simply showcase their private collection, which has built a strong follower fanbase. They do have future projects under wraps, but it will all be revealed by the company at a later date.

Both Marco and Alexander are huge car enthusiasts and have great knowledge about cars and how they function. Their website showcases their private collection in a category of photographs along with detailed descriptions, plus they have a section on their website for the road trips, events and even drawings of cars.

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