ExecSocks Founder Suresh Bhagchandani Launches Execssories - Created to Satisfy Every Man’s Accessory Needs

ExecSocks founder Suresh Bhagchandani introduces Execssories

Execssories has been created to satisfy every man’s accessory needs from bow and neckties, cufflinks, socks, and bracelets.

We are in the business of giving executives feet with flair and attitude.”
— Suresh Bhagchandani
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Regardless of circumstance, whether working from home or on the frontlines, people everywhere are spending most of their lives on their feet. And unlike all the time (and needless to say major money) spent and dedicated to personal care, so little attention is paid to taking care of the feet that propel everyone’s life forward. Although feet carry people through all the triumphant moments, darkest times, and most beautiful memories alike, they tend to remain the last priority in the public and personal eye.

Suresh Bhagchandani founded ExecSocks on the idea of creating a men’s sock brand that set itself apart on the basis that it recognized the significance of individuality. The fact that everyone is still walking around in the same mass-produced socks as the next person, is fundamentally ignoring the respective needs of feet as unique as the person wearing them.

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Bhagchandani sees ExecSocks filling the gap for men refusing to continue settling for socks made for the masses. ExecSocks fits right in with the attitude of its customers: driven, inspired, and novel with socks custom-catered for individuals who realize their worth as being so unique that there is no one out there like them.

“We are in the business of giving executives feet with flair and attitude," stated Bhagchandani.

ExecSocks encourages their customers to throw out the idea that socks should be produced to accommodate the majority (rather than the few) by providing sizing within the range of four shoe sizes. Instead, they should not only expect but demand that socks should be custom-fitted with the understanding that one foot is almost never the same size as the other which ExecSocks is happy to satisfy.

First impressions are important. That’s why ExecSocks offers selections for every event, meeting, luncheon, or holiday party that not only complement one’s personality but sets the tone for that individual to walk out into the world with confidence.

“You might need to dress conservatively at work. But you can at least wear fun socks.”

Understanding the unique needs of their customers, ExecSocks offers the option to buy one-time custom socks or, for the sock-junkie in everyone, a subscription on an annual, quarterly, or annual basis.

Not only does ExecSocs consider the individual needs of its customers, but that of the community at large. This is clear within their program to actively donate socks to local homeless shelters and other charitable organizations. In recognition of the barriers people are facing during COVID-19 shutdowns, ExecSocks vows that with every subscription box purchased, a box is donated to frontline workers.

With the introduction of Execssories, the new website offers all things accessories curated by business attire fashion stylists including neck and bow ties, cufflinks, bracelets, and so much more so that wherever one’s office is, they feel ready to take it all on from head to toe. What’s more, all the ease of ExecSocks’ subscription offer is available for Execssories including a subscription box for “the best menswear accessories.”

With ExecSocks on one’s feet and Execssories in tow, one is sure to walk with purpose, one step at a time.

About Execssories: Execssories is an accessories subscription company made by execs for execs. They believe the key to feeling good is looking good, and with their accessories, customers will be sure to make a statement.

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