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What is a Financial Advisor? Irina Dutari Explains

What is a Financial Advisor? Irina Dutari Explains

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / -- If you’re struggling to manage your money, if you have a major financial life change coming up like buying a house or getting married, or if you’re unsure how to go about investing your money wisely, a financial advisor may be able to help. “A financial advisor helps you create a roadmap for navigating your financial goals,” says Irina Dutari. “A good financial advisor can help you reduce your debt, save more, or invest wisely.” 

Irina Dutari Gives Us the Definition of a Financial Advisor

“A financial advisor offers insight and assistance with any and all things related to your finances,” says Irina Dutari. “In some cases, your financial advisor may manage your finances completely. But usually, they’re more like a counselor or a consultant. 

And different advisors may specialize in or offer certain services. “Investment managers, financial planners, financial consultants - they’re all part of the same general umbrella of ‘financial advisor’,” says Irina Dutari.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do? Irina Dutari Explains

“The services provided by a particular financial advisor will vary from person to person,” explains Irina Dutari. “But in general, a financial advisor works to assess your finances - expenses, debts, and assets - and help you find opportunities for improvement and growth.”

Irina Dutari further explains that a good financial advisor will sit with you and ask you about both your short- and long-term goals, as well as help you develop a plan to achieve those goals. 

“This may include retirement goals, building an emergency fund, tax-planning, or consolidating or paying off debt,” says Dutari. “They can also help you invest your money wisely by recommending investments based on your current situation and future goals, or by providing comprehensive investment management.”

There are also specific business financial consultants who offer these services for business owners. “Don’t see a personal financial advisor about business-specific finance issues,” advises Irina Dutari. “There are special laws, governances, and regulations for businesses. Taxes, interest rates, account types, reporting - all are completely different from individual finances. If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that you are receiving the right kind of financial advice by dealing with a business financial consultant.” 

Irina Dutari is an international business financial consultant. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business. Born in Panama in 1968, she comes from a Panamanian family of successful business people. In her work, she manages funds that help build hospitals, schools, and other community-centric projects. 

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