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Driving Women's Health Support in the Digital Age

Adel Gadelkarim provides a personal concierge service to women for their health interests

PARAMOUNT, CA, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2020 / -- When Aida Gadelkarim started her business it wasn’t oriented on making a dollar or finding that particular fashion trend that was going to turn into a multi-city franchise operation. Instead, Aida Gadelkarim wanted to help women understand their health better, realize additional treatment available versus just standard pharmaceutical approaches from traditional medicine, and to address the holistic make up of a woman’s life, not just particular aspects such as massage or fertility or menopause. In short, Aida Gadelkarim aimed to fill the gap that she has seen over the years in so many different avenues exist, causing women to struggle to find all the parts they need to enjoy proper health and life balance.

Aida Gadelkarim's Lengthy Experience in Medical Help

Aida Gadelkarim is no stranger to medicine. She has a bachelor of science in nursing as well as being registered massage technician. She also is well-rounded in training with a bachelor of science in business as well, understanding the administrative side of the picture accurately. So when she launched her business, there was already a vision in Aida Gadelkarim’s mind of what she was trying to achieve. Fundamentally, her botanic was going be comprehensive. She was going to make sure to address all the major issues women face at different ages including:

General women’s health
Partner Care
Menopause, and more

She also wanted to make sure her business wasn’t just about instant-fix treatments and assembly line service. Instead, she wanted to make sure customers had access to solid education, to understand the why of what was going on with their health versus just the what and how.

Moving Online, Aida Gadelkarim's Pandora

Eventually, Aida Gadelkarim realized the Internet was a far better place to be with an expansive ability to incorporate additional information and programs for vitamin infusion, acupuncture, herbal supplements, shockwave therapy and much more. And that led to Aida Gadelkarim’s secondary project of SG Management, providing a personal concierge service to women for their health interests. That included both standard clinical guidance as well as holistic training and awareness development. It also gave Adel Gadelkarim the ability to go even further in more categories of help with various phases of menopause as well as artificial insemination fertility procedures and improved fertility approaches. Now, Aida Gadelkarim is even developing a mobile device app to incorporate access to the same resources she’s already established on the Internet in general, but to make it personal at the touch of one’s fingertips instead of a desk computer.

Aida Gadelkarim has come a long way from her early days studying nursing, but the impact she’s having on a women and their health is growing exponentially, a classic example of what someone can do with the right digital tools.

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