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Kidzlock Child Door Locks Now Available for Purchase Online

Kidzlock, a simple and effective child door lock system, is now available for purchase online through Amazon, the Kidzlock website, and other retailers.

FARMINGTON, MI, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / -- New parents across the country are always on the hunt for simple, affordable, and effective ways to keep their kids safe. Child door locks are quite popular, especially among parents who have smaller children, but they are often plagued with problems that make them difficult to operate or inconvenient at best. Michigan-based Kidzlock offers a two-way magnetic child safety lock system with keyless entry that is simple and practically effortless.

Kidzlock was designed by a father of four who wanted nothing more than the peace of mind that comes along with knowing his children were safe at home. Though “childproofing” systems have existed for some time, Bob found that they were cumbersome to operate and even ineffective at times. Kidzlock was designed to restrict access to exterior doorways in such a way that adults could not be locked out or shut in from either side. It’s keyless, simple, and effective, and it’s now available for sale online.

Parents and caregivers can visit the Kidzlock online shop to view the range of kids’ door locks and all the accessories needed to create a safe, happy, and peaceful atmosphere. The locks come in brass and graphite to accommodate your interior design, and it’s even possible to buy the drill bits and replacement parts needed to install multiple Kidzlock child safety door locks throughout the home. Recently, the company announced its products are now being sold through Amazon, the most popular online retailer in the nation.

Unlike many of the child door locks available today at hardware and department stores, Kidzlock was designed to work with both traditional hinged doors and sliding glass doors. The simple design makes it easy to operate without keys or concerns about being locked out. Despite Kidzlock’s simplicity, it is highly effective and keeps kids safe in virtually any room of the home.

To learn more about Kidzlock and its mission to provide parents and caregivers with unprecedented peace of mind, feel free to visit their website today. For questions, you can contact the company at (800) 719-0009 or send an email to

About Kidzlock: Kidzlock is a two-way child safety door lock system that provides effective protection without the need for keys or cumbersome entry processes. It can be installed on both standard hinged doors as well as sliding doors. The system was created to provide parents and caregivers with peace of mind by restricting children’s access to virtually any door in the home, including exterior doors. The product can be found on the company’s website or on Amazon. For more information please visit

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