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Prod. KY Sells Exclusive and Leased Licenses to Rappers

Australian born music producer makes up to 10 beats a day

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, September 30, 2020 / -- Music producer Prod.KY has successfully built his own music business from scratch and has been including the service of selling leased and exclusive music licenses to rappers. The self employed music lover is self taught for many roles in music and has cleverly been using marketing tools online to connect with people.

He has stated, “Many rappers from around the world have contacted me and I have sold beats to them through exclusive licenses. Thanks to the power of the internet, I have been able to connect with people via social media platforms. I have made use of targeted ads in order to reach a broader audience and have built a loyal customer fanbase. I also mix and master artists/rappers songs mainly in my hometown with the up and coming artists that reside here.”

Prod.KY has over 90,000 followers on Instagram and receives messages daily for his beats. The producer focuses mainly on making good trap beats, but also slow and melodic ones too. His experience in the field came from him being a rapper and growing up to different types of genres. In order to sell his service, he has been able to use his beats to his leverage by selling them for a good price and giving satisfaction to clients.

The music producer has an exclusive website where he provides his services and sells the exclusive licenses or leases them for a fair price. Most start at the price of $19.95, but increase depending on which type of license you choose. The highest can go up to $199.95, but for the ‘exclusive license’ you can put down a negotiation price with Prod.KY.

The producer has stated, “It is only fair to set out a price that shows the value of the song that the rappers will receive. With my hustle that I do for music, I am happy to lease or sell it to artists, which is also rewarding for the both of us.”

The beats are easy to download and the website also showcases rappers who have bought or leased licenses from the music producer and even allows you to connect and share with others on social media. Even though the genre of the music is mainly trap, hip hop and RnB, he has focused on creating different moods for the beats such as dark, happy, inspiring, sad and even bouncy. This means that rappers are able to be as creative as they want to be with different kinds of beats.

Even though he hasn’t worked with majorly famous rappers yet, his aim is to get there and eventually reach that goal. However, he has come a long way with helping up and coming rappers become known in his town and online. Prod.KY has always been into music from a young age, which is why he has taught himself how to use many music equipment, the art of mixing and selling.

He has stated, “I grew up playing basketball which was a serious sport for me and was working my way up to college ball. But I found that through that time I was making beats, when I should have worked out or just laid down some vocals. I could've hung out and played horse with the other teammates, but my love for music was too strong and when you build a love for it, you just want to keep making more and it becomes like a drug in a way.”

The humble music producer lives in Melbourne and is heavily influenced by music producers such as Wheezy, Turbo, Cash Money Ap, Nick Mira, the whole of Internet Money, Pvlace and Jetson Made. He grew up admiring music artists such as Soulja Boy, Chris Brown, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Usher, 50 Cent and Nelly. He grew up listening to rock and RnB, but later discovered his love for hip hop and has a huge respect for all genres of music. He is also philanthropic and works towards eradicating human trafficking and poverty. In his own time he is spending time with his family and likes to travel.

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