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ECER: An E-Waste Company’s Aim to Remove E-Plastics From Soil & Waterways

SHIRLEY, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2020 / -- Plastic is routinely noted as one of the great pollutants in our society, a side effect of the material’s abundance and versatility. With plastics that are part of electronic components (commonly known in the industry as e-plastics) becoming a growing concern due to the proliferation of smaller handheld devices over the past couple of decades, it is imperative now more than ever that companies adapt & think outside the box to do their part in finding solutions to an issue that affects each & every one of us.

The numbers are quite significant and definitely make one take notice: nearly 49.3 tons of e-plastic were generated in 2016, and the United States is accountable for about 14% of that overall total at 6.94 tons. Electronics recycler ECER Inc. has made taking on this problem a top priority, making it a goal to innovate and adapt to offer services that prevent such materials from ending up in places that could potentially cause harm to our human & wildlife population, such as our soil and various water streams.

Advancements are being made in the industry, an encouraging sign in a time when action to address environmental concerns simply cannot wait. Scientific developments have brought about a new discovery: a chemical solvent that allows for polymers to be separated, isolating the plastics and encouraging the future prospects of reuse. Companies like ECER Inc. have made it a top priority to implement as many environmentally progressive initiatives as feasible in their regular operations. Great responsibility comes from working in this industry, and the company is determined to be a leader in the expansion of renewable resources in plastics & electronics for generations to come.

With the rapidly changing times we’re living in, we are seeing greater advancements in technology than ever before: witness the evolution of the cellular phone, from being briefcase-sized in its early stages to its sleek, compact and versatile state in the present day. To maintain the standard of living we have come to appreciate, solutions to any issue that may emerge are of tremendous importance. Count on the significant experience of the recycling experts at ECER Inc. to assist you with your e-waste needs and do its part in helping us move forward to a better future.

ECER Inc. serves the Greater New England region for all of its e-waste recycling needs. To find out more about their services, please contact (978) 537-9940 or reach them at

About East Coast Electronic Recycling

ECER Inc. is a full-service e-waste pick up and recycling business located in Shirley, Massachusetts. With various government policies regarding the proper disposal of e-waste, it is imperative that all materials be transported safely and responsibly. From old computers to assorted electronics, ECER Inc. is the perfect solution for both small and large scale businesses.

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