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Yuval Madar Talks the Palm Beach Tech Market

Yuval Madar Talks the Palm Beach Tech Market

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, USA, September 15, 2020 / -- As the CEO of Lime Cellular, Yuval Madar has witnessed drastic changes in the tech market in Palm Beach. Since 2018, Palm Beach has become a hub for the world’s top tech companies. Many companies are moving out of Silicon Valley and tapping into the talent pool located in Southern Florida. The surge of tech giants in Palm Beach has helped the market reach all-time highs.

Yuval Madar on Tech Stock Performance

Tech stock performance has been substantial, especially among companies located in Palm Beach. Palm Beach stocks are a surefire win for investors. Even when the Dow is down, tech stocks still go up. An estimated 58 percent of significant money sector exposure in Palm Beach belongs exclusively to technology companies. The second-place sector, healthcare, has a mere 12 percent of the share. When most other stocks have lost momentum, Palm Beach tech companies have seen growth on the S&P by 8 percent.

Many companies since 2010 have relocated to Palm Beach from California. Palm Beach provides numerous financial benefits for companies, including lower operating costs and lower taxes. The eastern time zone works best for tech companies that serve an international market.

Yuval Madar Talks Growth of Palm Beach Tech Companies

To keep the tech market growing in Palm Beach, companies have put a call into the Chamber of Commerce to keep the talent pool growing. The workforce is especially in need of millennials who are considered a generation of digital natives. There is so much room to grow in Palm Beach, and that’s only possible with the increase of tech talent in the region. The Chamber of Commerce and tech companies partner with local Palm Beach colleges and universities to incentivize working for a local company post-graduation. Potential programs could provide scholarships to tech majors, signing bonuses, and paid internships. High schools in the area can strengthen tech programs to ensure the Palm Beach area grows its tech sector.

Tech companies in Palm Beach can also make their company attractive to talent pools. Retention rates increase not only on more lucrative salary packages. Tech workers also respond well to staying in companies that provide benefits such as flexible schedules, advancement opportunities, and paid continued education training.     

Yuval Madar has been part of the Palm Beach tech sector for years. His companies, including Lime Cellular, specialize in the delivery of mobile products and services. Text messaging programs created by his team have specific tools for businesses, marketers, and influencers.

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