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QualityLine turns any factory digital regardless of its automation level

Manufacturing analytics solution to easy turn a factory digital

Data integration to any level of automation

Digital factory approach -Manufacturing analytics solution

Easy data integration to manufacturing industries

Manufacturing remote monitoring solution

Advanced Manufacturing Analytics

Company uses AI recognition technology to offer industries easy integration and analysis of any data structure accumulated during the manufacturing process.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, September 15, 2020 / -- QualityLine- Advanced manufacturing analytics solution enables data integration to industries from zero automation. The AI patented technology captures any anomaly detection of quality and yield by advanced algorithms for each product and shows what should be fixed at the manufacturing line.

Highly automated production has been an important step for industry to meet manufacturing requirements. Using a manufacturing analytics solution can help improve the quality of a company's end product through data-driven product optimisation as product design, engineering and testing, repair of faulty units, vendors and customer feedback.

QualityLine’s advanced manufacturing analytics makes it possible for any factory to become digital without installing any hardware, which are very expensive and require lengthy processes of existing data integration. Without installing any device, the 100% software solution turns a factory digital with a very fast and automated process.

Industries can integrate and analyse any data structure accumulated during the manufacturing process, regardless of factory’s size, location worldwide or industrial protocols. All the relevant data is delivered in a user-friendly platform that provides managers great operational monitoring as well as impressive efficiency improvements.

QualityLine's remote monitoring solution to databases has been calling attention to the manufacturing market as enables global end-to-end visibility over the entire manufacturing cycle, the technology quickly improves root cause analysis, capacity and efficiency and more.

The technology implementation process presents to the market two very unique advantages:

1-Integration process with the existing factory data- No changes in existing data structure or protocols are required.
2-The technology collects all the factory data and harmonizes it into one database to create an BI analytics with all the relevant indicators for the management team.

The software even enables data integration to industries with zero automation, collecting data from any type of manual tests procedures that will be analysed and integrated into the manufacturing analytics. Some of its clients such as Molex, Emerson, Gilat and others have achieved great results with the AI solution as reducing failure rate and improving production capacity within the first year of use.

Type of Data sources integrated by the advanced manufacturing analytics are: Feedback from customers (returned units, customers complaints, etc..); Testing data from automated test equipment and manual test activities; Feedback from technicians repairing faulty units; Analysis of testing processes done by vendors; Sensors data; Data from our ERP/MES systems and others.

The fourth industrial revolution, improvements and COVID 19

“We’re very happy with the results coming from our customer surveys as well as industry standard key Performance Indicators that we continuously measure and visualize on ours analytics dashboards set up for our customers. We have numbers as 30% quality and yield improvement in one year and that pushes us to keep working hard to meet our client demands” says Eyal Kaufman, founder and CEO.

Smart manufacturing is playing today an important role at the current pandemic crisis as remote monitoring solutions can help manufacturers to deal with some of the challenges driven by the COVID- 19 such as the reduced workforce, social distancing, or pressure to cut operational costs and others.

For medical and Healthcare industries, for example, real-time data can be a strategic resource across multiple steps of production of existing products and to new product introduction processes (NPI). A full end-to-end transparency over the whole manufacturing cycle can increase the production capacity with a shorten production time and improvement of product quality, as we need to meet the demand.

About QualityLine

QualityLine is a software company specialised in manufacturing analytics. The company brings 25 years of experience in manufacturing management of more than 100 mass production lines worldwide. QualityLine focuses on product quality and yield optimisation.

The company brings a ‘one-stop solution’ to turn a factory digital using AI and machine learning technology. Its AI pattern recognition solution automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data in real time and from any factory worldwide. QualityLine’s experts configure and set up the analytics platform for its customers, including machine learning, prediction of failures and automatic alerts.

QualityLine's competitive advantage is that, unlike other solutions in the market, it’s a 100% software solution. That means that no hardware installation is required and the entire set up process is done remotely. The factory can keep its existing machines and manufacturing process. A Live demo can be scheduled with an expert.

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