Global Investment Firm Ovid Capita Offers Rare, Impactful Investment Opportunities in Africa

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 14, 2020 / -- The firm’s latest project, The Osolu Island City in Nigeria, will create economic and social change to the area, while providing lucrative opportunities for investors.

Alternative investment firm Ovid Capita LLP is on a mission to achieve profitability for clients through impactful investments in Africa. Renowned for its ability to make investment in Africa less complicated and more transparent, the Ovid Capita team is also proud to be viewed as much-needed agents of economic and social change in the African markets and communities in which they invest.

“Investment in Africa is incredible attractive right now for a number of reasons,” says Ovid Capita Chief Investment Officer Ekos Akpokabayen. “Our Osolu Island City project is a big one, offering tremendous returns both financially and socially. All the background work has been completed, and we’re excited to announce that we’re ready to start accepting investors immediately.”

The project is located on the west coast of Nigeria, on the beautifully pristine Osolu Palm Islands. Osolu Island City will cover a total area of 2900 hectares of land which includes 22 kilometres of beachfront. Consisting of residential districts, business districts, leisure attractions, resorts, entertainment destinations, sustainable industrial park, a healthcare district and marinas, this ambitious project focuses on cutting-edge, energy-efficient buildings designed for the health of its inhabitants along with protection of the surrounding natural habitat.

“Osolu Island City will provide immeasurable benefits to the area and its inhabitants,” adds Akpokabayen. “And it will soon be playing host to millions of inhabitants and visitors. As a result there are a multitude of golden investment opportunities in the areas of housing, healthcare, renewable energy, infrastructure and services. This is an incredibly attractive opportunity that’s already getting a lot of interest from potential investors.”

About the Company

A global institution investing in growth markets across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Ovid Capita achieves profitability through impact investments in emerging markets.

The company aims to provide investors and enthusiasts with transparent access to proprietary opportunities within Africa's growth markets, leveraging the experience of the investment team. Ovid Capita also aims to play an effective role as an agent of economic and social change in the African markets and communities in which it invests.

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