Around 63.2% of Marketers Believe that Companies Should Take a Political Stance: GoodFirms Survey

should companies take a political stance

should companies take a political stance



GoodFirms latest survey unveils how and what measures to follow while taking a political stand.

Brands expressing positive social and political stances are getting amazing results.”
— GoodFirms Research
WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2020 / -- Today some of the various industries implement the new strategy of taking the social and political stances. The top branding agencies speaking out on social issues are getting great results. Consumers have also started judging the companies based on their social and political policies. These days, it has become the crucial thing of decision making for consumers where they want to spend their money.

In the recent study from the GoodFirms, Should Brands Take A Political Stance? 114 Marketers Voice Their Opinions. According to this research, 63.2% of marketers say brands should take a political stand looking at the current market situations. The industries playing the card of a political stance can get a positive response. It can also lead consumers to have cold-shoulders or ostracize their loyalty over products and business.

GoodFirms surveyed 114 marketers across industries & businesses to know what the companies have to say about taking a political stand, the right way to support social or political issues, and some of the excellent ways to deal with opinionated customers.

Here the survey also states that most of the millennials prefer brands that make some contribution to making society a better place. Around 39.5% of marketers said that today's generation preferences have changed and are investing in the items offering support for social or political causes.

About 57.9% of marketers have warned businesses and industries not to stand against their core customers directly. It can be an incredibly dicey time to spark a conversation with opposing views, and customers may ostracize their loyalty over products or businesses. In this survey, they have stated; how companies should take a political stand, the points they should consider, and how to express their political opinions. based in Washington DC, is a globally renowned and leading research, ratings, and reviews platform. It assists the service seekers in meeting the best agencies from various industries. The analyst team of GoodFirms assesses every firm through several parameters. The research process consists of three main factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

Every element integrates some metrics such as identifying the complete portfolio, year of experience in the domain area, online market penetration, and client feedback. After assessing each agency, they are compared to each other. Thus, by focusing on overall research, companies obtain a mark that is out of a total of 60. Hence, then get indexed in the list of brilliant agencies as per their proficiency.

Additionally, GoodFirms encourages the service providers by asking them to participate in the research process and present the proof of the work done by them. Hence, grab a chance to be indexed in the list of brilliant IT companies, best software, and other organizations from various sectors of industries. Securing a position among the list of top companies at GoodFirms will help you be more visible, expand your business globally, increase productivity, and earn good revenue.

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